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DISSVARTH – Between The Light And The Moon

Band: Dissvarth
Title: Between The Light And The Moon
Year: 2016
Country: Australia / Slovakia
Label: I, Voidhanger Records


Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. Into Darkness Now Your Spirit Flies
  2. Ablaze Of Solar Night
  3. Between The Light And The Moon
  4. Polaris
  5. Halls Hidden In Eternal Fog
  6. Sink Below To Shadow
  7. From A Journey Comes The
  8. Forgotten
  9. Through Oceans Of Stars
  10. …Which Dreams Forgot

Dis Pater, this name isn't new to us, more than once our dear Bosj remarked the musician's skills thanks to his other releases as Midnight Odyssey. Now, joined by Svarthen (known for his presence in bands like Aeon Winds and Necroheresy), the musician decided to venture beyond the boundaries of Metal under the name Dissvarth.

"Between The Light And The Moon" is a magic journey where the mysteries of the universe are merged together with those of our own planet, just as it happens in the booklet made of stellar and natural pictures overlayed; the poetry in the words found there are manifested in musical form through Ambient music inspired by Arcana, Elend and Dargaard, then made of symphonic compositions and full of a Darkwave sound, not too far from Dead Can Dance, at the same time influenced by the Tangerine Dream's spirituality, and that doesn't disdain sometimes acoustic passages Neofolk style, like in "Polaris" for example. A nocturnal and thoughtful sound, mysterious but nott too much dark, even ethereal and dreaming, where the voices of the duo — only supported by a guest named Gianna in the final track — recite and sing the lyrics with entrancing passion.

Midnight Odyssesy's compositions are surely echoing in different parts, only completely stripped from every musical extremism, nonetheless the melodies of the instrumental "Halls Hidden In Eternal Fog" aren't foreign to Black Metal; it is without doubt Dis Pater's passion for cosmic sounds the primary element dedicated to make the listener dream, taking him to an hypothetical dimension between our own minds and the endlessness of the universe, «between the light and the moon». Equally deserving praise is Svarthen work, perfectly in line with his travel buddy, he is able to bewitch with his enchanting melodies and his skills in making the music more relaxed, other times more nervous, but without exceeding.

The duo is able to create brief and concentrated two-minutes long compositions, as much as dilated ten-minutes tracks as much intense, feeling themselves comfortable in both situations and in those in between them; with less than an hour of music, Dissvarth managed to make an album that never loses intensity, imbued with magic you can feel in every single note and that would be perfect for nocturnal reflections immersed in natural landscapes. "Between The Light And The Moon" is a release of a rare beauty to which honestly I have no criticism to appoint, it works the best when you listen to it start to finish for his innate ability to make your mind wander. I have no doubt you will find Dissvarth's name in my Top 5 list of this year.