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DOEDSVANGR – Satan Ov Suns

Band: Doedsvangr
Title: Satan Ov Suns
Year: 2017
Country: Norway / Finland
Label: Immortal Frost Productions

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  1. Our Lord Cometh
  2. Rituals
  3. Doedsvangr
  4. Black Dawn
  5. Northern Watchtowers
  6. Diaboli
  7. Gnashing Of Teeth
  8. Breath Of Lucifer
  9. Throne Of Black Illumination
  10. Blood Whores
  11. Black Sun Nimbus

Doedsvangr are a formation at their debut, but black metal followers will recognize the names of Shatraug (you will remember him for Horna and Sargeist), AntiChristian (of Tsjuder fame) and Doedsadmiral (that debuted last year with Nordjevel), musicians that make this a superband.

If the name of any of these bands of origin rings a bell, much has been done. You only need to know that "Satan Ov Suns" is like a synthesis of these bands; these influences communicate among them to give us one hour of malign black metal, composed with paricularly clear intentions.

Instead, the other should expect the pure hate of the Scandinavian black metal, played by who — thanks to the experience acquired — knows perfectly how to strike the deepest chords to unchain this sequence of mysanthropy, blasphemous chants and wintery weather. The tracks, normally, are short and often made around a few hypnotic riffs ("Doedsvangr" and "Gnashing Of Teeth"), there's no lack of speed (the brutality of "Nothern Watchtowers"), but blast beats are very rare. There are a few exceptions to these rule, like "Black Dawn" which in its four minutes is able to create extremely freezing melodies, causing hypothermia in the listener.

Even if the recipe becomes obvious quickly, Doedsvangr have the merit of having littered the tracklist of interesting moments: this thanks to the fact that every one of the songs from "Satan Ov Suns" has at least one particular section that awards you for your attention. This could be an arrangement, an unexpected melody, or some kind of break.

We should say the band plays safe: we already know these musicians have a lot of experience in the field, and while listening to the album you have never the feeling that they are going out of the grid. Yes, we should say it, but it would be pointless: "Satan Ov Suns" is what it is because it's played with love for black metal in its purest form. The fact that even the less inspired track doesn't sound flat it's something you can't understimate.

Listening to Doedsvangr debut album is recommended to whoever likes black metal and wants to hear how pros play it, or to who is discovering this genre and wants to expand his views over the well known names, looking for something satisfying; thanks to Immortal Frost Production for this ode to the forces of darkness.