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DRAWN INTO DESCENT – Drawn Into Descent

Band: Drawn Into Descent
Title: Drawn Into Descent
Year: 2015
Country:   Belgium 
Label: Immortal Frost Productions

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Translation: Elisunn

  1. Prelude
  2. Elude
  3. Solitude
  4. The Realm Of Unbecoming
  5. Pariah
  6. Gallows

Immortal Frost Production plays at home with compatriots Drawn Into Descent, black metal band from Mechelen (Belgian region of Flanders), founded in 2013 and made up of B. (guitars and vocals), V. (drums), J. (lead guitar) and G. (bass).

The quartet takes its inspiration from Australia, merging black metal and post-rock and thus spreading moving and melancholic sensations that create an atmospheric continuum between Austere and Woods Of Desolation with a taste of Pestilential Shadows. The emotional saturation of the second band we mentioned is, however, never reached, for Our Guys prefer clouding their scenario with some doom influences in the rhythm section. All the songs have quite a considerable duration and long instrumental passages, while every now and then references to Norwegian classics emerge ("The Real Of Unbecoming" cleasly speaks of Darkthrone), as well as purely depressive elements like "Solitude"'s initial arpeggio, several acoustic intervals and then again some shoegaze hints.

As for the production, here the sound is deeper and more powerful in comparison with the average atmospheric releases; modern, even without eccessive excellence, and with a vivid bass. Voice as well is another example of the band's wish to live between two worlds: though representing the extreme aspect of music, B.'s scream is always controlled, a (modulated) scream more than an insane rale in the depressive-suicidal style.

Experienced listeners will hardly be gobsmacked after listening to "Drawn Into Descent", for the choices of the band are common and widespread (for example the delation of pathos rather than emotional climaxes) and their style extensively legitimized; anyway, the good inner balance of the album, which avoids eccessively sweet elements is a good score in the present metal scene. I personally believe this current's only flaw is its long-term loss of incisiveness both in the single track and the whole album, as these nonetheless not disagreeable and surely respectable forty-five minutes uphold. Give 'em a listen on their label's Bandcamp profile and judge for yourselves.