ENDLESS FLOODS – II | Aristocrazia Webzine


Band: Endless Floods
Title: II
Year: 2017
Country: France
Label: Dry Cough Records / Fvtvrecordings / Breathe Plastic Records

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  1. Impasse
  2. Passage
  3. Procession

For several reasons, I haven't had the chance to review any new materials over the last few weeks, so I am actually very happy to finally get back to writing about music. I could this on occasion of the freshly released second effort by the French trio Endless Floods, curiously only published in digital, vinyl (by Dry Cough Records and Fvtvrecordings), and tape (by Breathe Plastic Records), ignoring the CD support altogheter. I must admit I haven't particularly appreciated this move, but I assume they had their reasons for doing so.

In case you didn't know the band, from the cover artwork (created by the photographer Charotte Pneu-mo-nie) you might think you were dealing with one of those "urban feeling" instrumental post-rock bands (such as Wang Wen), but it will take just a few seconds in order to realize that this is not exactly true, delving deep into a vaguely drone/ambient flavored doom metal abyss. The band from Bordeaux drags us through the opener "Impasse", running for more than twenty minutes of thick riffs and sludge-influenced screams and, despite its length, the song consistently flows through different sounds. The ending is built upon an enjoyable guitar lead, adventuring on instrumental doomish patterns until it borders on feedbacks.

The intermission "Passage" really is a very pleasant two-minute acoustic guitar interlude taking us from the first to the second half of the record. When "Procession" starts (it is also quite interesting to see that all three songs feature a double S in their titles), we welcome a slightly more traditional form of solemn doom metal, while the vocals (still somewhat at the back of the stage) remain the sludge/hardcore shriek we heard on the first track. A bit further in, this song successfully explores alternatively harsher and more reflexive sounds, for an overall feeling that somewhat reminded me of Earth's latest works.

I can say the first album I listened to in 2017 was indeed gratifying, and it even accompanied me through quite a complex moment. If you are looking for someone able to conjugate solemn doom metal with the aggressiveness of sludge, the conceptual beauty of post-rock, and the infinity of drone, Endless Floods are just the right choice for you.