EVA CAN'T – Gravatum

EVA CAN’T – Gravatum

Band: Eva Can't
Title: Gravatum
Year: 2017
Country: Italy
Label: My Kingdom Music

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Translation: LordPist

  1. L'Alba Ci Rubò Il Silenzio
  2. Apostasia Della Rovina
  3. La Ronda Di Ossa
  4. Oceano
  5. Terra
  6. Gravatum
  7. Pittori Del Fulgido Astratto
RUNNING TIME: 01:02:14

«Life slips away from us, such sweet defeat.»

Atmospheres, theatricality, highly expressive vocals mixed with instrumental patterns that are related to prog, but not only that: this is what Bologna-based Eva Can't are about, they've been around since 2009 and "Gravatum" is their creature number four.

The main feature of this work surely is its richness, together with the band's utterly powerful desire to experiment and look for new ways of expression, both in their lyrics — in Italian, strongly philosophical and focused on the transience of human existence — and their melodies, articulate and heterogeneous, which have even been defined as Dramatic Metal.

"Gravatum" opens on "L'Alba Ci Rubò Il Silenzio" ("Dawn Stole Silence From Us") and its long intro characterized by atmospheric and artificial sounds, gradually leaving room to the instruments, like a story written in the notes. In "Apostasia Della Rovina" ("Apostasy Of Ruin"), on the other hand, we can see the theatrical side take center stage through the long and passionate spoken parts, as music gets heavier and closer to actual metal.

There is no shortage of impacting moments in general: we can find them in the long outro of "Pittori Del Fulgido Astratto" ("Painters Of The Glowing Abstract") or in the faster paced titletrack, here featuring a harsher vocal style. The real pearls of the albums, though, are three: the amazing "The Bone Patrol", an ethnic folk ballad starring death (which probably is also the narrator) and its danse macabre; the prog we can find in "Oceano" ("Ocean") — in its most essential and typical form, with keyboards and the contribution of Andrea Mosconi from Mourn In Silence for the solo — as the sound of the waves keep us company; lastly, the exquisite melancholy with piano and strings in "Terra" ("Earth").

These three songs give a special impact to the album, but of course this doesn't mean that the others have lesser value: generally speaking, "Gravatum" is a precious jewel, and we can discover its many details only by carefully listening to it and analyzing it with attention. Eva Can't is a name that we can, or should, promote with pride and recommend to all those who haven't had the pleasure to know them yet.

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