Infinite and finite with Ewig.Endlich


Band: Ewig.Endlich.
Title: Auf Grund
Year: 2018
Country: Germany
Label: WOOAAARGH / Dedication Records
Contacts: Sito web  Facebook  Twitter  Youtube  Bandcamp  Instagram  Spotify  Soundcloud

  1. Menschenkind
  2. In Anderen Spiegeln
  3. Limes
  4. Bekenntnis
  5. Schwarz Und Stern
  6. Neon Und Asphalt
  7. Abend
  8. Morgen
  9. Dir

The world of post-black metal has become so widespread that it’s very difficult to keep track of the scores of emerging bands coming out, with all the many influences. We have reviewed several of them on Aristocrazia Webzine over the last few months, such as the Norwegians Avast or the international Coldawn, so we are more than ready to expand our catalogue with Auf Grund, the debut by the German act Ewig.Endlich. released in the spring of 2018, two years after the demo that first put them on the map of evil music.

Their name is a combination of “Ewig” (eternal, infinite) and “Endlich” (transient, finite), and this relationship is also represented in the logo featuring two intertwined and interdependent E’s. The cover artwork seems to foreshadow an approaching disaster, knowing that our inaction towards the world will not affect the infinity of the planet or the cosmos, but our own finiteness. Unfortunately, I don’t know German well enough to venture myself in consistent interpretation of the lyrics, but some themes emerge for example from the video of “In Anderen Spiegeln”, in which Simon’s shrieks attack standardized and packaged happiness and our consumerist society.

Faithful to WOOAAARGH’s tradition, this Dortmund-based quintet leads us through the freezing waters of hardcore-tinged post-metal (very clear in “Neon Und Asphalt”), while still conceding some room to more pensive moments typical of post-rock, such as the one in the middle of “Schwarz Und Stern” (with a recording of the poem “Giselheer dem Heiden” by Else Lasker-Schüler). When needed, Ewig.Endlich. are also perfectly capable of approaching relatively more traditional strands of black metal (“Bekenntnis”), as well as dragging us in the abyss of the sick distortions of post-metal (as in “Limes”). In some respects, Auf Grund may be seen as some sort of compendium of several of the main musical currents of the last twenty-odd years, for example including things like Cult Of Luna, Agalloch, and God Is An Astronaut. Still, this record might feel a tad too long, perhaps a sign of the band absolutely wanting to give it their best shot, putting together everything they had created over the previous years.

Ewig.Endlich. have toured a bit around Germany in 2018, also managing to open for Les Discrets. At this point we expect to see them elsewhere around Europe as well, perhaps at some of the many summer festivals.