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Band: Eye Sea Black
Title: Stigma
Year: 2017
Country: Italy
Label: Self-Released

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Translation: Giup

  1. No I In Faith
  2. I See Black
  3. Restless Awakenings
  4. Dura Mater
  5. And I Felt My Life Blazing

Well aware of the risk of potential scolds shouting out for a conflict of interest, I'm writing about Eye Sea Black from Udine, in North-Eastern Italy, two thirds of which are stable members in our staff. After all, given the skills and solidity of the band, barely at its debut, it's worth calling for some mean-minded people's critics to give some visibility to the Friulian trio.

"Stigma" is a completely self-released EP which represents Eye Sea Black's first work ever. In five tracks and not even twenty minutes, it conveys successfully everything that we should find in an extreme band debut: good songwriting, good performance, good recordings and a craving for being noticed, head-butting everything on their path.

The three musicians are committed to a pretty harsh and essential death metal: one guitar, one bass, a drumkit, with the towering scream by bass player Eye, which gives everything an "Anthems Of Rebellion" Arch Enemy flavour, with much less Swedish melodies and a more solid attitude, maybe borrowing something from early Darkane. There's some hardcore in it as well, as in the titletrack: dominated by speed changes, breakdowns are opposed to piercing accelerations with great results and stripped down sounds, which might as well be regurgitated from an East Berlin community centre (and that's definitely meant as a compliment).

Despite the misleading picture on the front cover, Eye Sea Black are beating up everything. And they do that damn well, with a dirty, infamous suburbs scent: no one would say that they come, instead, from the peaceful Friulian countryside.