FALAISE – My Endless Immensity

FALAISE – My Endless Immensity

Band: Falaise
Title: My Endless Immensity
Year: 2017
Country: Italy
Label: A Sad Sadness Song

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  1. Nightgaze
  2. The Embrace Of Water
  3. You Towards Me
  4. Crimson Clouds
  5. Dreariness
  6. The Abyss
  7. Sweltering City
  8. Pristine Universe
  9. A Veil Of Stars
  10. Les Ruches Malades [cover Amesoeurs]

Italian duo Falaise is definitely something that every blackster — who appreciates atmospheres and both the post- and the -gaze sides of the genre — should know when dealing with the Italian music scene. The band, formed by Matteo Guarnello (vocals, synths and drums) and Lorenzo Pompili (guitars and bass), released its first record "As Time Goes By" back in 2015 and that's how I met them. Last year, A Sad Sadness Song (one of ATMF's sub-labels) published their second album, "My Endless Immensity", and well, that's what we'll be dealing with now, isn't it?

Falaise style, during the two years passed between their first and their second album, has grown, it has become more mature and richer in details and influences, surely becoming more personal: it's black metal flirting with both mesmerising shoegaze and dreamy post-rock throughout the whole record. Their inborn desire to create atmospheres (always there since "As Time Goes By", but even stronger now) clearly explains, then, the presence of the two instrumentals, "Crimson Clouds" and "Pristine Universe", inserted within the tracklist instead of being an opening and an ending — as in their first album. As for production, there have been improvements too: the actual, final output quality of the whole disc is much better than the past ones and, considering the band's genre, this is just fantastic. Vocals, in this sense, have become less oppressive and claustrophobic, somehow lighter, easier to appreciate, while instrumental parts left their most chaotic drive behind — still there in their 2016 split with Adôa and Too Distant Moans — to become calmer and atmospherically sublime.

Some affinities with Harakiri For The Sky and Dreariness (and it's not happened randomly, in yours trvely opinion, that the fifth track is named like that) pop up here and there, similarities that remark how good Falaise have come to be, without anyway implying any lack of uniqueness and originality. The Italian duo, nonetheless, owes much to the French scene, obviously: Alcest's shadow, as much as many other younger projects, clearly shines behind Falaise music throughout the whole 52 minutes of "My Endless Immensity"; and it's in fact with paying tribute to that world that the band lets its second record end, with covering Amesoeurs' "Les Ruches Malades".

Suffering and beauty, extreme and yet extremely delicate sounds: this is "My Endless Immensity", this is Falaise. Sublime!

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