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FATSOUL – Homo Ebetis

Band: FatSoul
Title: Homo Ebetis
Year: 2017
Country: Italy
Label: Dischi Bervisti

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  1. Oshoneck
  2. Ave Seitan
  3. Sthercules
  4. Homo Ebetis
  5. Honey
  6. Karaotene
  7. Habemus Papa
  8. Intro

By now, I can definitely say that the people at the Italian label Dischi Bervisti tend to know what they're doing. FatSoul is a trio founded in the Padua area in 2015, and they are very, very fond of that funk/crossover sound so popular between the late Eighties and early Nineties (a couple of obvious names being Primus and Faith No More). The label proceeded on the road of emerging instrumental music — which they had already tried, successfully, with Maledetta Dopamina — and the result surely is intriguing.

As hinted by the colorful cover artwork (by Giordano Bison), "Homo Ebetis" is some sort of a reflection about the utter idiocy that has seemingly enshrouded mankind in the digital era, in the conviction that reading a couple of pages online in a lifetime can somehow amount to any sort of knowledge. The record is quite brief and very direct, with titles comfortably treading on the edge of nonsense (it is also curious to notice that "Intro" is in fact the last track).

This being said, if you are interested at least one bit in the aforementioned names, you will not remain indifferent to the sound created by Mattia and Marco Maschio (respectively on drums and bass) and Alberto De Grandis (guitar), frequently inserting stoner elements and pretty much any other thing that might come to their mind. I believe the highlights would be the opener "Oshoneck" (making their intentions clear straight away) and the title-track, with its slow and somewhat desertic pace.

Therefore, let's welcome "Homo Ebetis": a cool album officially coming out on October 2 in digipak format, placing on the world map a band that will attract fans of Nineties-influenced instrumental rock music, while still having a clearly contemporary and personal approach. Especially recommended for short trips by car.