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Band: From The Vastland
Title: Chamrosh
Year: 2016
Country: Iran / Norway
Label: Immortal Frost Productions

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Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. Wizarsh
  2. The Malkusan Witch
  3. Kresaspa & Seven Daevas
  4. Chamrosh
  5. Saurva, Demon Of Hunger
  6. I & My Serpents
  7. Mardazma

One man band From The Vastland, for the fourth (fifth if we count the previous EP "Blackhearts") time in four releases, changes label, landing this time on Immortal Frost Production. What remains the same is the style of this project born in Iran and relocated in Norway: Scandinavian Black Metal, with some eastern touches bound to Sina's origins, especially in the lyrics dedicated to the Persian mythology.

"Chamrosh", their fourth album's title, unleash a sweeping and ruthless black metal in Gorgoroth's fashion (evilish high pitched screaming vocals included), charged with blast beats and the best Handful Of Hate's murderous fury. The tracklist results structured in any single track, thus justifying the steadily over five minutes length: along with the killer base, we find passages that takes now from Sweden, now from Behemoth for the Mesopotamian atmospheres, eroic feelings ("Saurva, Demon Of The Hunger"), various slow downs, acoustic breakdowns and melodic sections. 

In this occasion Sina (songwriter, author of the lyrics, mind behind the recording, mixing, mastering and production, other than vocalist and guitars player) was joined by bassist Tjalve (among the others ex-1349) and by drummer Spektre.

Summing up, there's no one moment from "Chamrosh" that is prone to strike at full effect, everything is well known but solid and authentic and devoid of inaccuracies. Whoever flees from every sort of news and weirdness in black metal fields will find something to like in what From The Vastland has to offer.