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Band: Ghost Kommando
Title: Paramount
Year: 2012
Country: Switzerland
Label: Death Fiend Productions
Contacts: Blogspot

  1. The Ravages Of Time
  2. Paramount
  3. Blood And Smoke
  4. Baptized In Ashes
  5. Katharsis Till Death
  6. Spirits Move Mountains
  7. Persistence
  8. The Tower
DURATA: 33:21
From a rib of deceased Bestial Torment, about which you can find further information here, a few years ago a project named Ghost Kommando sprouted , in the persons of Reverend Void (voices and lyrics) and Karnov (instruments). Following some minor release, in summer 2012 we are finally listening to the debut of the duo, "Paramount".
What the two Helvetians propose is quite peculiar: the structure is a dirty, rotting and fairly traditional black'n'roll, 101% lo-fi. Everything plainly enjoyable, wrong notes and out-of-tunes included. The real force of this debut, though, is the mixture of the aforementioned b'n'r and a melancholic post-punk sound. To explain this, I need to start from a distant point: back in 2007 a big-nosed French guy had the idea to move the center of mass of his black metal project towards the shores of post-rock, with sweet-as-lollipops guitars and desert-wide atmospheric spaces. From that point on, some souvenirs from another world have been enough, and the blackgaze subgenre, as it is trivially called today, was born. Well, "Paramount" tries the same formula, but instead of My Bloody Valentine, here we have Joy Division. So here come melodies sounding like those written in the end of the seventies, clean vocals parts and neverending mid-tempos.
Now, I do not want to be misunderstood, Ghost Kommando will never ever have the commercial implications and fanbase of the aforementioned French guy: they do not have and do not want to have his refinement, and instead of "emerald springs" Void and Karnov sing about raped gods, wars, armageddons and so on. Way far from being a commercial experiment, "Paramount" is a honest album, enjoyable and pretty interesting, made it clear that the listener must be familiar with dirty recordings, the black metal imaginery and low fidelity in general. Draw your conclusion, but draw it fast, since following the tradition like any other small label, Death Fiend Productions limited this release to three hundred copies only.