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GOBLIN KING – Blood, Drugs & Death N’ Roll

Band: Goblin King
Title: Blood, Drugs & Death N' Roll
Year: 2017
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Self-Released

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  1. Blood, Drugs & Death N' Roll
  2. Goblin King
  3. 667
  4. Eye Of The Storm
  5. Death Sti-XXX

This is not the first time we stumble upon such a blunt and raw rock-metal project hailing from the UK, as was the case with Widows a few months ago (though in a slightly different genre). Goblin King, on the other hand, are a quartet founded just at the beginning of this year which, without wasting any time, went on and published this debut EP (coming out officially on August 10): "Blood, Drugs & Death N' Roll".

As we can see quite easily from the title already, there are some Entombed and Motörhead influences, but mostly there is very little restraint. The punk aesthetics of the cover artwork (including the title itself, written as an acronym) mix up with the quasi-death/thrash musical background of the band, easily making this work a good road trip record. This approach clearly comes out straight from the opening title-track, breaking the ice with a jackhammer.

These are five very direct and somewhat absurd songs — in fact, the band uses the description "Dark. Virulent. Psychotic" on their Bandcamp page — with conceptual masterpieces such as "667" and "Death Sti-XXX". However, there are some relatively unexpected sections here and there, such as the brief slowdown in "667", which I would define as atmospheric if this didn't make me laugh. There is some more fooling around with the fast "Eye Of The Storm" (sometimes shortened as "E.O.T.S.").

Goblin King debuted by distributing some heavy blows, with an EP that might accompany you on the road to doing something stupid with your friends, while waiting for a longer work (if you are a fan of this style). As for the rest, its limited length and depth do not allow too many complicated reflections about the album's themes and message. Smacks and punches, for better or worse.