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GRID – Human Collapse Syndrome

Band: Grid
Title: Human Collapse Syndrome
Year: 2017
Country: Sweden
Label: Discouraged Records

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Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. Shackled
  2. Sluta Gråt, Spela Snabbare!
  3. Human Collapse Syndrome
  4. Privilege The Poor
  5. Debt
  6. Constant Defeat
  7. Fooled
  8. Out Of Air

During these ten years or so I have spent scribbling about music, I am sure I have said somewhere how much I love grindcore. More specifically, I believe I said so more or less every time I’ve had a grindcore album at hand, even a barely acceptable one. Imagine then, when we end up in Sweden with people making eight tracks for an EP that runs for ten minutes in total and comes out for a label like Discouraged, which makes (not) a living off this stuff. We are far from a barely acceptable album here, we are in a whirling mindfuck looking at Nasum and Disfear for inspiration, then closing its eyes and hitting the gas until smashing straight onto the first wall. Destroying it and going for the second one. Then a third. And a fourth. Ad libitum. A single paragraph review, three sentences at best, because this is all you need to know about Grid. If you need more, then you didn't understand shit.