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Band: Grimorium Verum
Title: Relict
Year: 2015
Country: Russia
Label: Symbol Of Domination Productions / Cold Raw Records

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  1. Relict
  2. Rising Morning Star
  3. At The Gates Oof Darkness
  4. Black Tears Monastery
  5. Night Burning Icons
  6. The Vision In Solar Eclipse
  7. Pilgrimage To Satan
  8. In Satan We Trust
  9. The Truth Forgotten In Time
  10. Odium

The Russian symphonic black metal band Grimorium Verum lived their first stint in the late '90s, before disbanding in 2001 without being able to put out a full-length release. They reformed in 2006 as a stable duo (Andy Felon on all instruments and programming, Roma Diamond on vocals), and debuted in 2008 with the album "Retaliation", while the second effort "Reborn" came a few years later. Their fellow countrymen at Satanath Records — through the sublabel Symbol Of Domination — noticed them and finally gave the band a chance to have their works distributed physically via their growing network, together with the British underground label Cold Raw Records.

The artwork is just classic symphonic black metal imagery, a purple skull emerging from a dark abyss with the band logo on its brow. Curiously enough, all of the three works released by Grimorium Verum sport a title beginning with the syllable "Re-",  and this seems to have become some sort of a tradition for them. In terms of lyrics and general content, the album doesn't seem to stray too far from the black metal canon, including such songs as "In Satan We Trust" or "At The Gates Of Darkness". 

And here we go with the actual music. Grand, black, pompous, majestic, and yet savage. Beware, if you don't like over-the-top keyboards and solemn atmospheres constructed for the horned god, it is quite likely that you won't enjoy this journey. On the contrary, if everything Dimmu Borgir composed at their peak is a part of your most true self, you should give this record a serious try. Almost fifty minutes of overblown satanic majesty will take you back to the genre's heyday with all its might and grandiose atmospheres. In addition, Roma Diamond's vocals are really heartfelt and diverse, plus they work perfectly with the instrumental environment provided by Andy Felon.

All in all, Grimorium Verum proceed on their symphonic quest with great confidence, this release will be the perfect fit for anyone specifically looking for something not really experimental, deeply rooted in a certain strand of metal. However, I wouldn't recommend this record to people that weren't bewitched by the sinister charms of Satan, keyboards, and purple skulls.