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GRODEK – Downfall Of Time

Band: Grodek
Title: Downfall Of Time
Year: 2017
Country: Italy
Label: Self-Released

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Translation: LordPist

  1. From The Fog I Rose
  2. Naiade
  3. The Pale Dame
  4. Time And Black Tide

«She moved her pale face
Only I remain
I and nothing»

In case you were looking for an objective review, analyzing all the merits and flaws of "Downfall Of Time", I am sorry to disappoint you: I was completely captivated by Grodek’s music.

The only aspect that I might criticize this band from Abruzzo for is that their influences might be a tad too obvious but, considering the overall quality of this EP, this isn’t a major issue. Grodek’s music is rough and made of complex riffs reminiscent of early Opeth, rooted in doom-death slow-paced patterns, though often increasing its speed: the final result is astounding.

The strongest point of "Downfall Of Time" is the great balance in the conflict between decadent aggressiveness and melancholy, through patterns that require more attention, and melodies alternating relaxed and lively passages. The listener is emotionally captured and gets rewarded at each spin, discovering new details that usually don’t get noticed at the first listen of these twenty-five minutes of music.  

Please accept my apologies if this review might appear unnecessarily praiseful: it is difficult not to be astonished by a band founded in 2014 and already sounding so mature, on par with the best Scandinavian bands from other eras. I suggest you listen to "Naiade", perhaps the most captivating song, in order to get a clear idea of what Grodek are capable of. Then, you will proceed to discover them.