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HAIKU FUNERAL – Hallucinations

Band: Haiku Funeral
Title: Hallucinations
Year: 2016
Country: France
Label: Aesthetic Death

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Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. The First Amphetamine Kiss
  2. Hallucinations
  3. Разграждане
  4. Гласът
  5. Suicide Organ
  6. Servants Of Fire
  7. Darkest Day Of The Year
  8. Faiths Black Orgasm
  9. The Final Amphetamine Kiss
  10. The Last Hallucination Of Christ

Let's imagine having the opportunity to partecipate to an archeological expedition in the Middle East, meanwhile – unexpectedly –  you'll discover the remains of an industrial-looking and vaguely futuristic town, from some now-extinct ancient alien civilization.

Nope, I didn't steal the plot of a sci-fi B-movie, that's simply the imagery that my mind has created while listening to the new Haiku Funeral album.

It is not a coincidence that the extraterrestrial authors of this release have chosen a title like "Hallucinations", because visions of other realities can proliferate while listening to the tracks; the band – in reality coming from France – plays a very personal hybrid among Electronic Music, Metal and Ambient, juiced into a lysergic and nightmarish sound. The importance of the atmospheric side of their music is evident, considering the bulky presence of tracks totally dominated by synths and keyboard, which together account to more than half of the work; among them we have the last long song "The Hallucination Of Christ", sort of an Industrial-Ambient-Drone, and "Suicide Organ" in which a filtered voice narrates a scene with an erotic and horrorific feel.

The theme of sensuality is often reproposed musically in the form of sounds and melodies of Middle Eastern flavor, this being a presence not always in the first row but but still perceptible for a good part of the album.

In the parts closer to the Metal territory, the role of protagonist goes to an ultra-distorted bass, capable of churning riffs spanning from the world of Doom as much as the Black one, incorporating few hints of Death Metal; however at various stages the Prog origins of the musician who plays it are made fairly clear, coming also closer to Jazz passages in "Glasat". Tempos are marked by the acoustic drums accompained in several occasions by an imposing electronic one and other percussions of industrial mould; taking a cue from the genres mentioned before, the rhythms vary depending on the song, keeping themselves almost always syncopated and not overly pushing. To sing the lyrics we find an acid scream sometimes altered by various filters and effects, also able to assume when necessary some kind of a theatricality taken from decades-old movies; despite the good number of instrumental tracks, the words chosen in the lyrics reaffirm the will of joining erotic, disturbing and halluginogen tones, in a way that almost seems to blend the best Cradle Of Filth to Acid Bath's madness.

"Hallucinations" is a release constantly pervaded by atmospheres of mysterious and intriguing unknown worlds, perfectly represented by the artwork set to bright colors and an arcane feel; mechanic in its pace, alien in his sensations and human in his natural curiosity that drives us to explore what we don't know. With is unpredictable structure and unconventional sound, this is not an album for every music lover; however, if among what you listen to there are Extreme Metal, electronic and psychdelic sounds, or if you are always looking for something experimental, you might have found a work worthy of being delved.