Band: Hail Spirit Noir
Title: Mayhem In Blue
Year: 2016
Country: Greece
Label: Dark Essence Records

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Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. I Mean You Harm
  2. Mayhem In Blue
  3. Riders To Utopia
  4. Lost In Satan's Charms
  5. The Cannibal Tribe Came from The Sea
  6. How To Fly In Blackness

Fascinating and able to enchant, Hail Spirit Noir are enlightened jesters. The Greek trio already made us know they had an immense number of ideas, landscapes and musical instincts in "Pneuma" and by underlining these things in the more elaborated and surprising "Oi Magoi". With the new release "Mayhem In Blue", at least for myself, they definitely gave us the best, overgoing the common mixing of styles and ensuring that Black Metal, Rock'N'Roll, folkish traits, sounds and atmospheres inspired by Sixties and Seventies' space and horror and circus spirit blend together, putting together an unique matter for its genre, however giving off extremely uncommon class, darkness and anguish.

What makes "Mayhem In Blue" a divine album stands in the constant mutation that identifies it, in its skill in writing, rewriting and erasing itself and proposing again in the tracks, with endearing simplicity. They went from rougher and catchy moments where groove, wickedness and hallucinogenic acidity live together peacefully ("I Mean You Harm") and others where their Progressive side goes in charge. In addition they create dreamlike and alienating weaves ("Mayhem In Blue" and "How To Fly In Blackness") as much as everchanging, that invite you to a dance cloaked with psychedelics ("Riders To Utopia"), overglowing in infusing diverted and amused personality ("Lost In Satan's Charms") as much as mad and hypnotic ("The Cannibal Tribe Came From The Sea"). In the eclecticism and the brilliance the proposal in the end lets us see a catchy aspect of fine workmanship.

"Mayhem In Blue" is free of compromises and it's a release you can love from the first listen, able to seduce and rapture with its settings and constant running away from these, but in need of time and attention. The ore you listen to it, the more it becomes pleasant to enter in contact with the multiplicity of elements it is made of, strong with an excellent production made by Rotting Christ's Dimitris Douvras; instead Mr. Alan Douches worked on the mastering.

In the end, I congratulate myself to Hail Spirit Noir, to Code666 who launched them and to Dark Essence that now supports these brillant and adult artists who accustomed us to a constant growing and uninterrupted evolution. Surely I will wait for their next release, meanwhile I suggest buying this one: make yourselves a good gift, buy "Mayhem In Blue".

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