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HAMMERDRONE – Dark Harvest

Band: Hammerdrone
Title: Dark Harvest
Year: 2017
Country: Canada
Label: Self-Released

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Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. Intro (Echoes)
  2. Karakoram
  3. Ancestral Weight
  4. Dark Harvest
  5. Black Bison
  6. The Wasting Throne
  7. Harvest Of The Void
  8. Collapse Of Reality
  9. Lost In An Instant

I have to admit I've been far away from my computer's keyboard for too long, but you have to know I have not enjoyed this time. Life as a university student is a period that swings between an exam session and the other. Thanks to my luck, freezing cold lands sent help in the form of the new Hammerdrone album.

After releasing their debut called "Clone Of Europa" in 2014, it took three years for the Calgary's quintet to release their second full-length album, but that time certainly was well used: "Dark Harvest" is a bomb; a nuclear one like the cover suggests.

Do you know what you will find in these nine tracks, over slightly less than forty-five minutes of music? Death metal. The good one, deep into melodies, with a well-refined but never plastified sound, as it's common by today standards. As we all know, one of the terrifying contemporary trends, unluckily, is distorting violently the genres calling them «modern», ending up with creating predictable and boring abominations. Hammerdrone absolutely don't fall in this category: their style is old school, only made with harsh vocals and blast beats, mastodontic guitars and complex melodies, without lessening the inherent violence of the genre.

The first track is an intro that makes things clear and helps the listener enter in the right dark mood: so, only after sixty-nine seconds, we get to the heart of the action. "Karakoam" first, "Ancestral Weight" then are the perfect proof of what we said a little while ago: thick, made of aggressive parts where the guitars weave melodies and razor-sharp riffs, melodic death metal. More than once while I was listening to the album, Insomnium and other bands from Finland and Sweden came to mind, and the comparision seems right. The titletrack and the next "Black Bison" are another two bombs, made of explosive choruses, I am sure, which could hit the live crowd.

Saying these Canadians play modern melodic death metal is not a gamble, but a compliment; nothing different came to me, say something different for a track like "Collapse Of Reality", that surfaces slowly (making a good effect, considering the instrumental part before it), with a fade-in of distorted riffs and the pressing drumming, and then goes on with some sort of breakdown and, with an almost djentle manner, evolves in the accompaniment of the rest of the song. And what about the last "Lost In An Istant"? A more than decent closure, for a mid-high level album.

Are you a fan unhappy with the weak modern proposals in death metal? Listen to Hammerdrone. Are you a good guy looking for good music to break your bones? Listen to "Dark Harvest". Are you a metalhead who goes to the gym? Take this album with you, it will be great background music! Are you looking for something to lessen the heat of summer? Let these Canadians' cold metal freeze your bones, the album is perfect even for this; unlike studying and exam sessions…