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Band: Hammerhands
Title: Largo Forte
Year: 2016
Country: Canada
Label: Self-Released

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Translation: Oneiros

  1. Eighteen
  3. High Plains
  4. Largo Forte
  5. Mezzo Grave
  6. If You're Not Part Of The Party, You're Part Of The Problem
  7. Where We Go
  8. Darkerness
  9. The Hardest Thing

The newest effort from Canadians Hammerhands is definitely an explosion of various elements, always different from each other: it looks like an uneven and yet impressive and unforeseeable whirlwind of forms and feelings; it's shell-shocking.

Within itself, both Sludge ("THUNDERCHUNK") and Experimental ("High Plains") elements melt, flirt, combine and divide themselves so frequently that you can only feel dazed and confused. Just for once being Italian feels great as Bachi Da Pietra's name, with their work "Quintale", pops up in my mind, being a closer example of what this disc sounds like, as if Giovanni Succi would have been inspired from Drone and Noise instead of Post-Rock. Other influences can be found, for example, inside the titletrack — from Neurosis — and here and there can be sensed PJ Harvey's influence (as a matter of fact, the band inserted a cover of one of her songs in their EP "1995") as much as the current Michael Gira's one, which acts like glue between the quite experimental songwriter style ("If You're Not Part Of The Party, You're Part Of The Problem") and the walls of sound ("Darkerness").

In conclusion, inside "Largo Forte" there's such a huge, dazzling amount of details that trying to meticulously analyze it would never, ever perfectly depict its whole complexity, being this Hammerhands second album also a really emotionally invasive work. Here's what you can do: listen to it; play it again; understand it; appreciate it; start once again.