Have A Nice Life explore fear and hope in a "Sea Of Worry"


Band: Have A Nice Life
Title: Sea Of Worry
Year: 2019
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Enemies List / The Flenser
Contacts: Sito web  Facebook  Twitter  Bandcamp  Spotify

  1. Sea Of Worry
  2. Dracula Bells
  3. Science Beat
  4. Trespassers W
  5. Everything We Forget
  6. Lords Of Tresserhorn
  7. Destinos

Have A Nice Life, a project founded in the early ’00s as some sort of outlet for two college students, Dan and Tim, entered — in its own way — the history of contemporary music. The release of Deathconsciousness back in 2008 created an unexpectedly big media hurricane, and a rainfall of enthusiastic and bewitched comments. A two-hour double album for their debut, an aggregation of desperation, nihilism, disillusionment, frustration and pain, sprinkled with a groove that, despite its utterly dark content, paradoxically manages to convey a sense of unique freedom and exaltation. Composed with laughable budget, it embodied perfectly Dan and Tim’s formula: a lethal collage of post-punk and darkwave atmospheres from the ’80s (The Sisters Of Mercy and The Smiths above all), the distorsions and echoes of drone, and finally the ethereal soul of shoegaze by My Bloody Valentine.

Leaving Deathconsciousness aside (here is an article about it) and flying past its successor The Unnatural World released in 2014, here we get to the latest one, Sea Of Worry. Its essence is characterized by the coexistence between the dancing and obscure soul of gothic punk (Siouxsie And The Banshees, Bauhaus, The Cure), and a floating, unseizable spirit, immersed in a sea of extended and distorted sounds, exalted in the thirteen-minute ending song “Destinos”, with its ethereal keyboards and feeble vocals. The latter, together with a simple but extremely personal and effective instrumental section, tell us about a God different from the one that people often stupidly imagine, about its malevolent irony and, consequently, about the miserable and ambiguous existence of its favorite creatures. That same God for which Origen castrated himself, the same one that set Bruno, Serveto and Vanini on fire in the XVII century, here that God gets pierced to death by sonic spears thrown mercilessly and continuously.

Have A Nice Life once again proved to be one of the few bands that are able to interact with the two faces of the Divine, hope and fear, which here ceaselessly collide in the magnetic bass lines of “Trespassers W” and the mesmerizing beats of “Science Beat”. Like the other albums by the duo, Sea Of Worry is a double-edged sword that can make us dance and curse whatever is sacred and terrifying in its first half; while in the second one it envelopes and embraces us, dissolving us and all of our certainties. A conflict which is impossible to solve, that between fear and hope, as history already taught us, and Dan and Tim seem to know this better than most people. Although they live in the shadow of Deathconsciousness, the masterpiece that apparently (at least until now) they have not equalled yet, the two continue their musical journey with sacred dedication, giving life to another perfect emotional storm.

God has never bled so much, being sad has never been so beautiful.