HEREZA – I Become Death

HEREZA – I Become Death

Band: Hereza
Title: I Become Death
Year: 2017
Country: Croatia
Label: Godz Ov War Productions

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  1. I Become Death
  2. Jebem Vas U Usta Ladna
  3. Homo Homini Lupus Est
  4. Uništi Pali Ruši
  5. In The Name Of God
  6. Full Moon Slaughter
  7. Neplodna Jama
  8. Torn From The Death's Bed
  9. Pošast
  10. Tombcrawler

Hereza is a young but already very confident act. General information: it's a duo consisting of lead singer Ivan Novacevic and everything-else-but-also-singer Slobodan Stupar; the band's active since 2014, made its debut the following year with an album called "Misanthrope" and released last February this "I Become Death" through Godz Ov War Productions. What should we expect from such Croatian project, then? Some evil death metal in the European vein, obviously!

The band's second effort, in fact, is a death metal blow right to the head of the listener: melodic indeed but also featuring some punk influences which makes everything terribly easy-listening and possibly, even — God, this sounds so wrong — pleasant. When you play "I Become Death", you're not going to notice that it's already ended: I don't mean that its half a hour won't leave you anything or that it'll bore you, not at all; its almost never-ending upbeat drums will get inside your head and will surgically graft itself there, living no room for anything else but guitars' groovy riffs and brutal vocals.

Are you thinking about Dismember? Did you notice any similarity? It seems to me that Hereza based their project's sound right on top of those gentlemen's shoulders (just think of "Death Metal", for example) and Vader's, too (obviously for what concerns modern productions), with just a hint of Hypocrisy (possibly for their melodies) into the blend. Nonetheless, I don't mean that they completely lack uniqueness: their style is pretty distinct. Though this is not any revolutionary release, the ten tracks lot won't easily bother you, whether you listen to it carefully or you keep it as a soundtrack while you do anything else.

Diehard deathsters and lovers of this genre in general, I perfectly know you're always looking for fresh meat: Hereza is a name you should keep in mind for sure, trust me; and, in case you don't trust me, just give a listen to "I Become Death": it should be enough to settle things.

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