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HEXA MERA – Enlightenment

Band: Hexa Mera
Title: Enlightenment
Year: 2017
Country: Belgium
Label: Self-Released

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Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. Empyrean
  2. Anthropic Principle
  3. Inhuman
  4. Divide Et Impera
  5. Brotherhood
  6. Dare To Know
  7. Union (Multivocal Project)
  8. Archetype Of Hate
  9. Godless
  10. This Bleeding
  11. Enlightenment

«So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them». The sixth day of the divine activity corresponds to the apparition of our race and this is probably the starting point which the Belgians Hexa Mera got inspiration from to choose their name; in ancient Greek this sentence means «sixth day». The band has previously done an EP called "Descent Into Decay" (2011), the demo "The Red Bull Session" (2013) and the album "Human Entropy" (2014), so they face the trial of the second full-length release in a prepared and competent way, giving us this "Enlightenment".

The five-piece plays Scandinavian melodic death metal, quivering both on rhythms and with the melodic impact. Even being a creature with a modern approach, it doesn't have clear and disturbing influences derivating from the -core scene, relying often and gladly on an energetic and pressing speed. This modus operandi gives us tracks with a fresh and captivating appeal (look to "Anthropic Principle", for me the best one of the lot, "Inhuman" and "Divide Et Impera"), showing to be able to increase the thickness of their sound (the heaviest and hammering ones are "Dare To Know" and "Godless"), as much as giving space to some -core inflections and to the clean voice exclusive of "Union"; this last one has even thirteen compatriots singing as guests, among them I want to mention Ron Bruynseels (Hard Resistance) and Filip Lemmens (FireForce), backing up Yannick Schmit.

"Enlightenment" is under every aspect a mature album: the production is clean, but able to give to the songs vigor and a push that impart desire to headbang. As for themes, the concept was treated in a spontaneous way, it talks about the connection between human nature and the process of creation and destruction in which it is implicated: «The world is my kingdom / The world is my trap / The world is my empire / The world is my hell / The world is my blessing». In addiction, it analyzed the insane evolution that brought to an abuse of violence getting every time more excessive («What have we become / What have we done / Is our humanity / The definition of insanity?»), while Humanity notices its errors only when subjected to severe punishment by Mother Earth (or God); moreover dura lex, sed lex… In this sense, the Albert Einstein quote included in the digipak sound very fitting: «If people are good only because they fear punishment / And hope for reward / Then we are a sorry lot indeed».

Hexa Mera could be interesting for melodic death metal fans tired and disappointed by a great number of works passed as such, or so much devoid of strength that can't be considered decent substitutes of the masterpieces already in our collection. To be honest, I am wondering why these gentlemen are still without a contract. Hoping that a good label will offer them support, I have nothing more to do than recommending you listen to and buy "Enlightenment", sure that if they keep it up these Belgians will definitely take off and give us something great. Good luck guys!