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HIFIKLUB VS. FATSO JETSON (+ GARY ARCE) – Double Quartet Serie Vol. 1

Band: Hifiklub / Fatso Jetson
Title: Double String Quartet Serie Vol. 1
Year: 2016
Country:   France / U.S.A.
Label: Subsound Records

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Translation: Oneiros

  1. Tenderloine Vignette
  2. Un Gribouillis De La Beauté
  3. Glorious Whores
  4. Black Without White
  5. Safe In Pieces
  6. A La Fin Je L'Espère Calme
  7. The Rocky Road To Holiness

Improvisation, free expression, involvement, sharing and exploration are all parts of the new Subsound Records' project. This "Double Quartet" Series gets off to a flying start, inviting two realities to play at the same time: the transalpine Hifiklub, which plays some kind of alternative and experimental rock, and Fatso Jatson, a world-wise band, dreaming, psychedelic, that has inspired many Stoner lovers; moreover, Gary Arce, ex member of the band and member together with Mario Lalli of the wonderful Yawning Man, has joined the latter formation.

The left channel is entrusted to the French, while the Americans take care of the right one. In a completely free and unbounded way, seven songs are born, seven tracks to be enjoyed all alone with headphones, with the same mind Ornette Coleman made "Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation" back in 1960 — which has probably inspired the project both for the aim and the choice to counterpose two quartets. The world outside can be paused for a while and be ignored.

It's hard to describe with words the flux of sounds and images which the listener meets as they listen to this work. It's clear that, whenever the fuzz enhances the scene (as it happens in "Safe In Pieces"), Lalli and friend's hands draw clearer and more important lines; on the other hand, the dual unpredictability of the shimmering and seducing rhythm-harmony movement within "Glorious Whores" clearly bears the influence of a close-knit team.

Hifiklub and Fatso Jetson seem like a torrent of ideas which calms itself, becoming well definite, and then suddenly bursts its banks and overflows, teasing and taming the listener through the use of both sharp-infectious and calming-visionary sounds. Just like a stream which drags into depths or simply leads you gently wherever it wants to, cradling.

Subsound realised another fantastic work with "Double Quartet Series Vol. 1". This experiment can be relished and experienced by listening to a CD and to the more fascinating — and probably more appropriate — vinyl, so dash and grab your copy and enjoy your trip with these illustrious men.