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HOWLS OF EBB – The Marrow Veil

Band: Howls Of Ebb
Title: The Marrow Veil
Year: 2015
Country: U.S.A.
Label: I, Voidhanger Records



  1. Standing On Bedlam, Burning In Bliss
  2. Dusks Tyrannical Lore
  3. Iron Laurels, Woven In Rust

We have already faced the abyss of madness portrayed by the mysterious American band Howls Of Ebb in the past. Unfortunately, the EP "The Marrow Veil" has only reached our desk two years after its official release, a time span that also saw the trio becoming a duo, plus the publishing of the band's second effort "Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows" in 2016, once again via the Italian label I, Voidhanger Records.

Nevertheless, it is still very interesting to analyze the second step of a project generally not that keen on spreading too much knowledge about itself, in terms of biography and contacts. For "The Marrow Veil", they maintained the visual relationship with the artist Wiley Trieff as in the previous record, but this time opting for an even more hellish and grotesque approach, with oddly shaped demons engaged in some sort of macabre ritual, and proceeding with an eye on the CD itself (quite reminiscent of the imagery from the comic book "Berserk").

At this point, we simply have to delve deeper into about thirty-five minutes of horror and destruction (two long tracks and a shorter one), neatly prepared by Howls Of Ebb for incautious wanderers like us. A brief spoken introduction welcomes us to the sonic magma of "Standing On Bedlam, Burning In Bliss" (the entire record is actually available for listen on the official YouTube channel of the label). The trio proceeds through utter awareness through atmospheric rituals (mainly in the first and third movement), very blackened death metal, and some elements of dissonant black metal (in the second movement of this song). The song title, in fact, refers to madness, as the narrator gets to embrace this new form of "beatitude" after several reflections on suffering, with the obsessive repetition of the refrain "From Bedlam, To Bliss, Loving, From the crevices they always crawl and win!".

The evocation "Dusks Tyrannical Lore" connects the two main songs as a bridge, paving the way for "Iron Laurels, Woven In Rust". A long instrumental segment takes us to the final attack against «Ancient weakness, elusive yet real». Percussions almost never become too fast, and this aspect perhaps takes something away from the the general effect of chaos. However, the conclusion of this song embodies very well the idea conveyed by the visual part of this work.

We can say that Howls Of Ebb have been creating quite a good niche in this specific area of metal, and this EP is recommended if you are interested in discovering other aspects of their project. This was yet another good job by I, Voidhanger Records, always on the lookout for things coming out of the darkest recesses of music.