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HÜRLEMENT – La Mort Sera Belle

Band: Hürlement
Title: La Mort Sera Belle
Year: 2017
Country: France
Label: Emanes Metal Records

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Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. Grenadiers
  2. Pavillon Noir
  3. Tribute To My Enemy
  4. Conquérant
  5. Guerrier
  6. Brothers In Arms: Die Together
  7. Brothers In Arms: See You in Hell
  8. Brothers In Arms: Demon Warriors

The disciplined grenadiers, it is known, grunt mottoes like «semper fidelis»; even «la mort sera belle» belongs to their intrepid repertoire. Hürlement, born in 2003 and arrived at the third studio work, drag us with harsh words and warriors in the battle of Eylau (Prussia). This was fought in 1807 between the Russian army and the Grande Armée of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The Parisians tell us about the exploits and fears of the combatants in two languages, French and English. The French tales straddle the tradition of the local scene, represented by bands such as Killers or Sortilège, with their moderately melodic touch. The heroism of the enemy is revealed through the risky tactics of Anglo-Saxon heavy metal. The most numerous troops wear the Manowar and Iron Maiden uniforms. In the rear you can also recognize the colorful banners of the support company Running Wild.

"La Mort Sera Belle" seems to be based on a concept dedicated to the fighters of both parts, before, during and after the battle. Martial rhythms and glorious choruses intersect with the mourning felt by the survivors, crouched in the evening around the fire after the bloody actions. The comrades sent to Hell by enemies' bullets, instead, offer themselves as mercenaries to the devil.

The five musicians gathered under the tricolor are not just common enthusiasts. They live metal, they are real «fils du métal» with excellent musical skills and mastery of the genre they play. In short, if before listening to "La Mort Sera Belle" I was skeptical, I have now become a fan of Hürlement, a platoon with a particular style.

Post Scriptum: the fallen soldier taken away by Death in a grenadier uniform is a heroic image full of effect, but adapted to artistic need. The applauded troop of elite grenadiers was in fact the spearhead of the infantry.

Thanks to François from Hürlement for the clarification: «I would just like to add to what Juergen wrote, that even horse grenadiers fought during the Napoleonic campaigns».