HULDRE – Tusmørke

HULDRE – Tusmørke

Band: Huldre
Title: Tusmørke
Year: 2016
Country: Denmark
Label: Gateway Music

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  1. Jagt
  2. Hindeham
  3. Varulv
  4. Underjordisk
  5. Skifting
  6. Fæstemand
  7. Mørke
  8. Tæring
  9. Nattesorg

After their first work, "Intet Menneskebarn", published almost four years ago, the Danish Folk Metal band Huldre has come back with a brand new album. Released back in November 2016, "Tusmørke" seems to be quite a fine piece of work: I must say, it sounds surprisingly good!

Folk Metal, over the last fifteen years, has been abused and mistreated by many, many bands. In the desperate attempt at sounding new and fresh, the sole reason which could possibly justify their being «Folk» is the characteristic of including uncommon folkloristic instruments inside the arrangements. Hopefully Huldre doesn't belong to such a masses.

The band possesses technical skills far from every possible critique and is capable of masterfully fusing north-European Folk most pure and untamed spirit with Metal's atmospheres and heaviness, managing not to sound banal nor allowing this melting pot to be unbalanced. What is the result like? Truly worthwhile and fascinating. Haunting Huldre's sound, there's a wide range of influences: we are not just facing some classic, pure Folk Metal, well played and arranged, but in "Hindeham" there also is a brief, more pushed section, which features some little screaming, very inspired, almost Black Metal-ish, whilst "Mørke" sounds as much as a Power Metal song. Moreover, the Danish formation is gifted with a kind of romantic mood, as it appears from their lyrics: they proved to deeply care about popular folklore — they rearranged some traditional ballad for "Hindeham", "Varulv" and "Fæstemand" and also "Skifting" has been inspired by «old descriptions of how to avoid a newborn child to be switched with a trolls child», with a text freshly written by the singer Nanna Barslev.

All in all, Huldre have definitely proved to be a valiant band and they undoubtedly deserve my congratulations: "Tusmørke" got an A+. Folk Metal lovers, get out of your wooden realms and give this album a shot, it's truly worthwhile!

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