HUMANITAS ERROR EST – Human Pathomorphism

HUMANITAS ERROR EST – Human Pathomorphism

Band: Humanitas Error Est
Title: Human Pathomorphism
Year: 2016
Country: Germany
Label: Satanath Records / Black Plague Records / Abstruse Eerie Radiance

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Translation: Oneiros

  1. Destroyer Of World
  2. Quod Homo Appellatur Morbus Est
  3. Pain Feeder
  4. Jagdzeit
  5. My Sexual Benediction
  6. Raping Religions
  7. One Piece Human
  8. Die Macht Deines Glaubens
  9. Skinning Alive
  10. Bestial Penetration
  11. Human Pathomorphism




«I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds» says the incipit with the words of Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb. Humanitas Error Est doesn't feel any guilt at all as the physician did; on the contrary, the band seems to use that phrase as a declaration of intent. So hey, I'm sorry: there will be a day when Aristocrazia is filled with flowers, butterflies, peace and love… But that is not today!

Humanitas Error Est comes from Germany and plays a kind of Black Metal inspired to the one played by Dark Funeral and Setherial in the Nineties, so it's quite clear that the band likes quite a lot blast beat, fast rhythms and perverse speech against mankind. Each song blows like a cluster bomb, bursting sharp guitar shreds in every direction, in a whirl of very quick and incisive riffs played by tireless musicians. There's no pause between each track: the listener must suffer from the beginning to the end, also when rhythm gets more marked and the atmospheres get even darker, becoming truly evil (as for example in "My Sexual Benediction" and "One Piece Human"), without causing the band to lose cohesiveness, not even once. Did you want to take one breath, didn't you, huh? You just push the «pause» button or you pass through these forty minutes and, trust me, it's not that many.

"Human Pathomorphism" hurts: from its production, which shines like a fresh blooded sword, to the musicians who recorded it, that undoubtedly possess the right mindset to work on such strenuous rhythms. The compositions are direct and focused on their purpose, and because of this strictly working towards their goals which makes the album so good.

Those who love supersonic fast Black Metal, probably they'd have already clicked on the links above. For those who doesn't always feel sure about these kind of sounds and enjoys them just sometimes (as I do), taking a listen won't be that bad: this could possibly be a worth shot.

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