HUNDRED YEAR OLD MAN – Breaching | Aristocrazia Webzine


Band: Hundred Year Old Man
Title: Breaching
Year: 2018
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Gizeh Records

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  1. Breaching
  2. Black Fire
  3. The Forest
  4. Clearing The Salients
  5. Long Wall
  6. Disconnect
  7. Cease
  8. Ascension

If there is one musical galaxy that has not stopped expanding over the last few years, bringing discomfort all around the place (especially here on Aristocrazia), it surely is sludge-tinged post-metal which, beginning with the usual Amenra and their diverse offspring, has now arrived literally everywhere with its devastating shrieks of ævil.

Naturally, British musicians have not stood idle, and one of the youngest projects that have emerged in the scene clearly is Hundred Year Old Man. The Leeds-based sextet had already worked very hard over the previous months, releasing the EPs "Black Fire" (August 2017) and "Rei" (January 2018), finally reaching the full-length debut with "Breaching", released by Gizeh Records.

The cover artwork by Paul Broughton and Richard Knox fittingly continues the visual theme from the previous work, this time choosing the letter Y, throwing us in a dark basement, facing all the horror we can't see. The three Y’s highlight a way out through which, of course, we can breach and somehow try to save our humanity.

The British collective’s musical style is heavily influenced by the European post-metal scene of the last decade ("Black Fire" is a clear example), but it's also characterized by interesting ambient elements which contribute to making the oppression even more tangible and painful (as in "Clearing The Salients"). In short, get ready to over fifty minutes of obscure suffering and a complicated search for a breach in the thick shroud of hate.

I found this work by Hundred Year Old Man very satisfactory and would like to extend my congratulations to them for being included in the Bloodstock 2018 bill, hoping to see them around Italy over the next few months. "Breaching" is a debut that will sure bring (dis)pleasure to all fans of post-metal and sludge.