IF I DIE TODAY – Cursed | Aristocrazia Webzine


Band: If I Die Today
Title: Cursed
Year: 2015
Country: Italy
Label: Sliptrick Records

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  1. Jesus
  2. Adams
  3. Lucifer
  4. Patrick
  5. Elisabeth
  6. Faustus
  7. The Ancient Mariner
  8. Vincent
  9. Cursed

Hatred, conflict, curse. These are some of the concepts "Cursed" — the latest work by If I Die Today — is based on. The band hailing from Piedmont has left its melodic-tinged past behind completely, choosing to recklessly dive into the more aggressive "à la Converge" post-hardcore. I must admit I had not been following the band over their previous albums, but here they have literally changed their tune.

Starting from the artwork, we already know we will be confronted with rage-filled verses, conveying messages of disobedience and dirt. Most of the songs are inspired by Biblical or literary characters, beginning with a hateful Christ, cursing his absent father who abandoned him on the cross ("Jesus", also featured in an official music video), all the way to Doctor Faustus, who has to accept his curse despite his fear ("Faustus"). After having explored several individual stories, we go on to face the atmospheric final track "Cursed" (the only one longer than four minutes), announcing the damnation of mankind itself, particularly with the last verses "No mercy, no love, the will of your father is gone, darkness has come".

Musically speaking, the band is treading a quite violent post-hardcore path, relatively far from the "math" contaminations so popular in certain strands of this genre. The collective work on vocals by Marco Fresia (lead vocals), Antonio Aresu (guitar), and Morgan Ferrua (bass) gives more depth to the despair of all the characters featured on the record, especially thanks to Marco's notable performance. Davide Gallo's work on drums completely destroys all hopes of anyone approaching the album with some appreciation for life, while the guitar is fierce and cutting, and the performance on bass extremely solid.

At the end we almost want more, but actually it is likely that a longer album could have lost something in terms of incisiveness. I might just point out a couple of linguistic/printing mistakes in the booklet, but these do not affect the overall quality of a release that also works very well in its balance between images and music. I wish If I Die Today great things, as they go on the road for their European tour.