Band:In Tormentata Quiete
Label:My Kingdom Music
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  1. Zero
  2. Sole
  3. R136al
  4. Eta Carinae
  5. Sirio
  6. RR Lyrae
  7. Demiurgo

Twelve years have already passed since In Tormentata Quiete published their eponymous debut album, a period during which the Bolognese band grew up and experimented, without disavowing nor recycling themselves. We heard the large collective deal with an exhausting emotional analysis, under the name of Teatroelementale (an album particularly adored by yours truly) and districate across the colourful synesthesias of “Cromagia”, as well as (self-)produce themselves in “Il Profumo Del Blu”, something meant as a homage to the fans, but once again the tables have turned.

Nothing that has been approached until now could have prepared us to the hefty concept presented with the new brainchild Finestatico: seven tracks linked to the seven chakras and to a cosmic consciousness, in the hypothetical attempt to bring together maybe — suggestions related to macroscopic planetary bodies with a subtle interiorization, not so easy to perceive. However, indepentently from the purpose and our own relative conjectures upon them, it is certain that the opus is undoubtedly ambitious.

Black Metal influences are once again used in a thrifty way, almost as a mere accompaniment to airy and dramatic melodies and fluid solutions reminescent of Ambient compositions; these latter ones help to exhibit an all new side to In Tormentata Quiete, which is a cold expressivity, almost cynical and detached when confronted to the monumental emotional charge of Teatroelementale or, in general, to the deep emotiveness which has always been a characteristic of the band. Nonetheless, this more cosmic, synthetic and almost analytical side creates a strange polarization, somehow making Finestatico the most human work manufactured by the Emilian band, as paradoxical as it may sound.

The intertwining clean vocals by Irene and Simone and Marco’s scream (a framework which always represented one of the most captivating features in the band’s proposal) clashes, blends and dances with the colossal expressive potential of the instrumental section, releasing an impetous flux of creative energy, vibrating at extremely high frequencies and painting a continous and infinitely multifaceted mutation. Emotions turn into gleaming paths to walk upon and ethereal, fleeting streams, which follow whimsically neat orbits in a universe so much complex that it becomes a paradigm of simplicity. Laying before our eyes there is an endless vastity of a galaxy tending towards an infinitesimal point, holding the most blinding light in existence: the light of Consciousness, which makes Man capable of being One inside All, an eternal particle aware of Itself and the Infinite.

It would be wrong to categorize or put labels on such a shimmering and dodgy opus. All the same, it would be unfair to point out single moments, as the whole work is made to be experienced as a continuous voyage: a trip which follows the Universe’s history and, at the same time, an ascending path between chakras, showing a circular design in which the end necessarily coincides with the starting point.

So, once again, In Tormentata Quiete surprised us, without uproar nor arrogance, through the simplicity and spontaneity of those who live to create. Therefore, let yourself be attracted and nourished: “Finestatico” is «distant light, dimmed and arrogant, living off darkness and dying of light».

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