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INFERIOR – Unsoiled

Band: Inferior
Title: Unsoiled
Year: 2013
Country: Sweden
Label: Big Balls Productions
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  1. Deserter's Territory
  2. Serpentine Roads To Decay
  3. Vultures Unleashed
  4. Throne Of Dependency
  5. Fires From The Past
  6. Perish
  7. Ceremonial Transformation
  8. Soil Voyage
  9. Abysmal Sea Of Deceit
  10. The Maker's Waste
DURATA: 01:02:29

It can happen to anyone to try and do too much at once, more often than not losing focus and getting lost on the way. The same goes for music, sometimes one track less or a shorter duration might help some bands to attain better results, and in this case an excessive effort to do something more has limited Inferior.

This Swedish quartet from Karlstad was initially founded as Nodawn and it is composed of musicians who have been active in the underground metal for years: bassist-vocalist Kristian Karlsson — known for his past as part of Fetus Stench and The Law — the drummer Thomas, his bandmate since the first embodiment of this band, and the two guitarists CF and Jonas Thorsén — respectively from Slaughterours and Malsum. The band is known for its particularly aggressive thrash-death metal, where you can witness a pleasant cohabitation of elements from the early Machine Head, the old-school traits of Sepultura and some aspects coming out of the new generation à la The Crown.

After having released a series of demos ("Religious Disease", "Seeds Of Death" and "Completing The Prophecy") and an eponymous EP, the band debuted with the album "Unsoiled", pounding hard in the opening and showcasing the typical features of the "Swedish sound" in the sharp riffing, reminiscent of Entombed in "Deserter's Territory", where Kristian makes it clear from the start that he won’t leave any room to extremely clean lines and easy refrains.

The album features many effective songs, such as "Throne Of Dependency" where we can hear the more muscular side of this band, or the pair made of the acoustic "Fires From The Past" and the following "Perish", in which we can experience something different and seemingly quiet. After this, a couple of really enjoyable tracks in "Serpentine Roads To Decay" and "The Maker's Waste"; unfortunately, here the band starts showing some weaknesses as well. This part of the album, including "Soil Voyage", probably suffers from excessive length, leading me to thinking that with ten minutes less the album could have probably been easier to digest.

"Unsoiled" is well-produced, carefully designed in visual terms and it clearly shows the band's will to impress the audience with their professionalism. Indeed, Inferior still have a couple of imperfections to work on, but since this was their actual first taste of the "real deal", we can just wish they keep treading on this path.