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Band: Irdorath
Title:  I Am Risen
Year: 2013
Country:   Austria
Label: Noisehead Records

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  1. Intro
  2. God Raped
  3. Liar
  4. Minions Of Lust
  5. Sale Of Indulgence
  6. Hammer And Nails
  7. Undead Christ
  8. No Human, No War
  9. Journey To Insanity
  10. Mother Of All Lies
  11. Windgeist [bonus track]

Some albums give everything away just by taking a look at the cover and the title, and I believe Irdorath's "I Am Risen" might very well be one of them. Beginning with the name, we can already guess that something's gone wrong: a grammatical hesitation attempts at defining a resurrected Christ who got off the cross on his way to vengeance (with evil eyes and equipped with hammer and nails as in the artwork).

With this work, the Austrian band – that released two albums of raw black-thrash metal sung in German – tried to conquer a more international audience through English lyrics and a better packaging. Musically speaking, there is nothing missing for an acceptable album: the quartet strikes harshly with guitars and violent percussions, frontman Markus leading the way by means of screams and hate.

Irdorath managed to put together a couple of quite solid songs (like "Hammer And Nails"), safe head-banging bets for festivals, but we got the feeling that this album doesn’t offer anything particularly memorable that should convince us to choose Irdorath over another similar band. The preview song "Minions Of Lust" is an accusation to pedophilia in the church (in the videoclip, the four band members help a little girl to get her revenge) and is sufficiently aggressive, but I don't see it as succeeding at giving more reasons to look for this particular album.

"I Am Risen" will probably cater to the loyal black/thrash fan-base, but I doubt it will manage to find its way into different audiences. Nevertheless, this disc is an important step in the band's history, being their first effort in English and released through an emerging label like the Austrian Noisehead Records.