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KAUSALGIA – Dreamquest

Band: Kausalgia
Title: Dreamquest
Year: 2016
Country: Finland
Label: Saarni Records

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Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. The Call
  2. Thorns
  3. Sarastus
  4. Stagnation
  5. Dreamquest
  6. Vihamiehet
  7. Moss
  8. As The Curtain Falls

Four years ago the Finnish band Kausalgia was presented to us with a precious EP made of reflexive and melodic black metal ("Farewell"), now they finally had the chance to record a full-lenght, thanks to Saarni Records support. "Dreamquest" confirms the past good impressions, going heavy handed on the less extreme elements of the sound.

Starting from the cover, we find ourselves again before an unconfortable naturalistic environment, in which an angel-like figure conceals the sight of a child. This juxtaposition of seemingly antihetical elements can also be seen in the music, always atmospheric, primly up to the limits of doom metal ("Moss"), with numerous piano pieces by Ville Mettänen without sounding lashing, that fits with Markus Heinonen's uncompromised and biting screaming, extreme legacy of the early days of the project. Tha band labels itself «dark metal», and this actually fits reasonably with the emotions found here.

The revival of "As The Curtains Fall" at the bottom of the tracklist and already present in "Farewell", allows you to compare the recent choices in production, which granted a more round and organic sound.

So just like the earlier work, "Dreamquest" reveals new little and appreciable details as well over the various listening sessions, shaking off the apparent excess of initial homogeneity. So Kausalgia try to carve out a slice of space in the fields of the darker, atmospheric and dilated sounds, as you can see firsthand on the Saarni Records' Youtube profile. Given the direction taken, I wouldn't be surprised if one day they abandon any reference to black metal (like screaming vocals and blast beats)…