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KHAOSPATH – …For The Devil Speaks The Truth

Band: Khaospath
Title: …For The Devil Speaks The Truth
Year: 2016
Country: Sweden
Label: Immortal Frost Productions

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Translation: LordPist

  1. Verbis Diaboli
  2. Into The Devil's Claws
  3. Under A Bloodstained Nightsky
  4. A Blade At The Edge Of Sanity
  5. The Stench Of Betrayal
  6. Twenty Stabs For A Fruitless Crown
  7. Oraculum Strigoi
  8. Lunacy Triumphant
  9. Raven's Downfall

Khaospath was born in 2013 out of the mind of a Maltese musician soberly named Hellcommander Vargblod. The first work by this black metal creature came out the year after following his move to the very different setting of Sweden, where he met Döden and Gheist, his partners in this musical journey going forward.

"…For The Devil Speaks The Truth" is the second studio album by this trio (the first one released through Immortal Frost Productions) and, at a first listen, it might seem to be just another black metal album like the ones we have heard again and again. In fact, at a closer look, we might notice several unexpected yet pleasant excursions into power-epic metal territories, even featuring majestic clean vocals perfectly matching the pitch-black structures, which are characterized by biting though melodic riffs and solos. This tendency is particularly evident in the opening track and even more in the closing act ("Raven's Downfall", the longest song) that solemnly treads on melancholic paths for about half of its duration. The rest of the record swifts between classic blast beat and mid-tempo sections, conveying a quite diverse result that doesn't feel heavy on the listener.

The peculiarity of the band's music is perfectly balanced by the lyrics' themes, an actual concept that arguably represents the main element of this work. Indeed, Hellcommander here proposed his personal interpretation of William Shakespeare's "Macbeth". The lyrics (he had actually started working on them in 2009) are written in that iambic pentameter so dear to the English playwright, and are focused on the more obscure and witchcraft-related aspects of the famous tragedy. The story of the noble Scotsman is here told through a register very unusual for black metal, beginning with his encounter with the three Witches and up to the inevitable doom waiting for him at the bottom of the abyss of blood and madness he was drawn into.

Hellcommander and his partners put out a notable work, quite different from most other releases in this field and able to reach its proposed target. Congratulations to Immortal Frost Productions as well for having found something good here, and we will be eagerly waiting for the trio's next step.