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KOSMOS – Le Vecteur Transcendantal

Band: Kosmos
Title: Le Vecteur Transcendantal
Year: 2013
Country: France
Label: Self-Released

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Translation: LordPist

  1. La Jouissance Du Mal
  2. Le Vecteur Transcendantal
  3. Vengeance Contre L'infâme
  4. L'ombre De Ton Géniteur N'existe Plus
  5. Violation Du Passe
  6. Vos Carcasses Vides Nourrissent La Terre
  7. Enfonce Tes Clous Dans Nos Limbes Noircies
  8. Ainsi Je Chuchote Aux Planètes De Me Rendre Grace
  9. Quand L'innocence Saigne…
  10. Post-Humain Ou Quand Les Etoiles Brûlèrent A Notre Chute
DURATA: 59:24

The monicker Kosmos, brainchild of the French musician Nekros, got to its second official release in two years. After having reviewed the debut "From Innocence To Perversity" (2012), I am confronted with "Le Vecteur Transcendantal" (2013) which, just like its predecessor, has only been released in a hundred copies in digipak.

The style of black metal featured on these ten tracks maintains a strong tendency to follow in the footsteps of the big names of the Nineties. Apart from this, though, there are some hints to more recent acts (such as the Swedish Svarti Loghin) that contribute to giving a more well-rounded sound when compared to Kosmos' first effort.

The artist managed to find a way to propose a more varied performance in a slightly longer work, thus preventing the tracks from getting boring. You will notice an improved attention to details and to the developing of melodic structures ("Vengeance Contre L'Infâme"), as well as more elaboration in terms of rhythm ("L'Ombre De Ton Géniteur N'Existe Plus"). The general atmosphere of this work manages to keep its halo of anguish and decay even during the acoustic interludes, led by the certainty that mankind is continuously making mistakes and digging its own grave.

The main theme of "Le Vecteur Transcendental" revolves around man and their relationship with nature and time, a bond that has become more and more conflicted up to the extremely fast pace of modern life. There is a constant struggle between mankind — always seeking for more power on nature — and the world which has no owner, where we are nothing but guests: this conflict is the background to Nekros' shrieks and to the sorrowful music that work together to expose our mistakes.

The production is relatively clear and we can distinctly hear the bass quite often, the visual part (again curated by xOv) adds a touch of cosmic vibe that fits the monicker well. These aspects also contribute to confirming Kosmos’ skills, and I believe this is a name that black metal listeners will appreciate.