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KREMLIN – Decimation Of The Elites

Band: Kremlin
Title: Decimation Of The Elites
Year: 2017
Country: Canada
Label: Godz Ov War Productions


Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. Nuke Them (13 Families)
  2. At War
  3. Kremlin
  4. Decimation Of The Elites
  5. Exterminate The Shapeshifters
  6. Babylon's Regime
  7. Flat Earth
  8. Under Hypnosis
  9. Devilution

Kremlin are a band from Canada, and you'll just need a few seconds of your time to get the fact they play death metal straight and clear.

Their formula is simple enough: take early Death, in particular from the "Scream Bloody Gore" era, add Gorefest for the violence, in particular in the groovy parts, and some Swedish touches here and there (reminding me of Nihilist in particular). Kremlin is a band that has no time to waste with useless details and acts like there's no space for any doubt, as they want to go straight to the point without losing sight of their objective. "Decimation Of The Elites" is the band's first album and doesn't care about things like melodies or artificial arrangements, only rottenness and vehemence played thorugh high-speed heavily hammered drums and chainsaw riffs.

To be honest, Kremlin don't seem to employ too many ideas: you just need to listen to the first tracks to know what you'll get out of this album. Sure, this won't be a great issue for the aficionados, neither a good reason to ignore the most of the tracklist: you can find a lot of their best tracks in the middle, such as the bonecrushing "Babylon's Regime" and "Flat Earth". On the other hand I can't stop thinking the production feels a bit off. From an album like this you have to expect a really fuzzy production, in "Decimation Of The Elites" case it might be a bit too much, which at times works against the music's own good.

I think at this point you understood whether "Decimation Of The Elites" interests you or not. I want to underline that I enjoyed what the band has to offer: even if it is far from essential, it won't be a waste of time for the death metal fans who will give this album a try.