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Band: Led By Vajra
Title: ΨΥXN
Year: 2017
Country: Italy
Label: Sliptrick Records

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  1. Colours Of Thought
  2. White Dress
  3. Inborn Invaders
  4. Chains
  5. The Awakening
  6. Golden Palace
  7. Shards Of Crystal Skin
  8. Colours Of Soul
  9. Oh Sorry (I Didn't Think You Were Listening)
  10. Dependency

Here we go we go with another band coming from my behated Southern Italy: shall we proceed? Led By Vajra is a six-piece act born from the ashes of Thirsting For Revenge: they inked a good deal with Sliptrick Records and this very "ΨΥXN" ("Psiche") is the final result of such partnership.

Modern -core lovers, djentlemen, harsh/clean vocals worshippers, come and see: I can sense something you'll surely appreciate. Led By Vajra poured into this 34-minutes-long "Psyche" some prog metal into classic, thrashy metalcore — à la old school Trivium ;— and, with some rude electronic as the icing othe cake, they packed such an easy listening, highly enjoyable album.

From the very first "Colours Of Thought" to the last "Dependency", there's not a single moment in which their music stands still: always evolving, in constant motion, their world is made of essential, creative experimentation, sometimes close to avantgarde (as in the middle of "Inborn Invaders" or "Oh Sorry (I Didn't Think You Were Listening)"). Obviously there's some huge influences coming from the biggest names of this prog-core scene, though the greatest difference is here made by the presence of a female vocalist. There's clearly gothic grafts possibly due to the presence of the singer Atena Fedele (for example in "White Dress", which well introduces to the band's sound) and this, plus the whole team's technical playing, makes the whole record never sound stale nor moldy.

If you're into emotional crescendos and earwormish melodies, you're not going to be disappointed. If you're into prog as much as '00s alternative bands (see Slipknot, Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold and so on), you're going to enjoy this record so very much. The only "Chains" / "The Awakening" / "Golden Palace" trio of songs grants you that this is a high-quality album; just take a listen, then, to "Shards of Crystal Skin" (that features Nebulae's singer Miriam Granatello) and here you have, explained in the easiest way possible, the great beauty of this record.

So, it's pretty clear I enjoyed Led By Vajra's "Psyche": good job guys! One of the best records of 2017, for me? Definitely so. An album/band I'd suggest to somebody to listen to? Surely yes. So, what are you waiting for? If you're thirsting for some -core, here's something juicy for you.