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LYKHAEON – Ominous Eradication Of Anguished Souls

Band: Lykhaeon
Title: Ominous Eradication Of Anguished Souls
Year: 2018
Country: Switzerland
Label: Godz Ov War Productions

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Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. Chthonios I
  2. Chthonios II

Lately I've been devoting myself to something else, dealing with more or less intelligible music with a modicum of sophistication. Then Lykhaeon came. It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining outside, but since I started listening to "Ominous Eradication Of Anguished Souls" the darkness oppresses my existence. Not that I expected anything else, from this Swiss band that does not even come to 400 likes on Facebook and has a logo with some overturned canonical cross and a pair of skeletons that play trumpets made of oak.

Lykhaeon come from Zurich, they are three and they are scary. Forget the Helvetic welfare and social democracy wealth: there is no second in which "Ominous Eradication…" does not seem your worst nightmare combined with the worst nightmare of your mother, your father, your relatives and even your neighbors. The Swiss band's black metal was once classic old-school, veiled with vague thrashy suggestions, but soon after the debut the change was radical.

No more songs, no more equalization, in fact, probably no more instruments at all, and what you hear is just the rattle of the Abyss that at the behest of some entity with a bad mood is recorded on CD. And it also took some years, this rattle, because apparently the recordings were completed over two years ago, but it is only today that Godz Ov War distributes this EP.

The style reminds of Canadian Antediluvian's minimalism, where minimalism means the complete deconstruction of any form, to let only the basic elements survive: blast-beats, riffs and screams to generate total chaos. Only, with an even less comprehensible production and an even more difficult format (two pieces for over twenty-six minutes of recording). The result is devastating.

The concept behind "Ominous Eradication Of Anguished Souls" is the concept of chthonius, from the ancient Greek adjective Χθόνιος, «something that comes from the underground». And Lykhaeon say their EP just like «an exploration of the ancient spirits of those long forgotten, avoided and buried long ago. Now they have broken their silence and show themselves to the world…». Run for your lives!