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MARE COGNITUM – Luminiferous Aether

Band: Mare Cognitum
Title: Luminiferous Aether
Year: 2016
Country: USA
Label: I, Voidhanger Records

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Translation: Oneiros

  1. Heliacal Rising
  2. The First Point Of Aries
  3. Constellation Hipparchia
  4. Occultated Temporal Dimensions
  5. Aether Wind

Buczarski himself said about "Resonance: Crimson Void" that the creative process behind that work was massive, in order to make it sound as much uniform as possible since it was made by two different artists. It makes sense, then, that a brand new, solo album would have been released after that split with Aureole, and here's the latest autonomous effort by this guy from Lake Forest, CA, "Luminiferous Aether", composed in over two years and recorded in his private Lunar Meadow studio.

Some has said that this fourth Mare Cognitum work is dispersive, that it loses some (if not too much) of its emotional power as it goes on; this feeling could possibly be explained if we consider the further dilatation of the structures within the huge five songs of the album, that make it sound longer than its predecessors. Well, that is not quite true: it is almost as long as "Phobos Monolith" and "An Extraconscious Lucidity" (both 49 minutes, against the actual 50); it's anyway clear that Buczarski now takes more time to develop every single riff, every drum pattern and each element of its more and more complex sounds palette.

Obviously, the various tracks progression keeps on being quite linear, but new shades come through those new melodies and alternations between black metal and atmospheric slowdowns. The author is undoubtedly a master of shuffling the same elements in order to get another winning hand. It is totally unquestionable, Mare Cognitum taste in music writing is just something many bands only dream to have. Each single riff works magnificently, each melody is perfectly linked to the drums (whose lines did evolve, too) and overall is impossible not to see the perfect marriage of Black Metal and cosmic atmospheres. The very thing which makes the difference and allows this "Luminiferous Aether" to be that good is the fantastic synthesis between the different guitar loops and such an inspired drumming: starting from a Drone base, here comes a first riff, then another, then another one and here it comes a persistent double bass drum ("Occultated Temporal Dimensions"), and then more sounds and more layers for the over eleven minutes of the song.

As if it were not satisfying enough, there's outer space: the endless firmament, the infinite universe within which mankind is nothing but a grain of sand risking to fly away at the first wind's blow. Mare Cognitum keeps on going with its philosophical research, questioning the biggest mysteries of cosmos and trying to give its own, personal view about it. As one could have possibly guessed, it's been one of the best releases of the last year. I just feel like I can't say anything new: listen to it, listen to it, listen to it!