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MARIANAS REST – Horror Vacui

Band: Marianas Rest
Title: Horror Vacui
Year: 2016
Country: Finland
Label: Sliptrick Records

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  1. The Millennialist
  2. Nadir
  3. For The Heartless
  4. Hurts Like Hell
  5. A Lonely Place To Die
  6. Chokehold
  7. Place Of Nothing
  8. Vestigial

The Finnish musical panorama, filled with fantastic beautiful and obscure realities, has seen the rise of Marianas Rest, with the publication of "Horror Vacui". This debut album, released back in October 2016, blends the most classic Finnish Melodic Death Metal — as Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum's one — with the likewise famous melodic Doom played, for example, by Swallow The Sun, creating a mixture not properly original but definitely very enjoyable and stunningly good.

The beginning is of the most inspired: "The Millennialist" is bombastic, fusing with mastery the above mentioned influences with a certain Swedish sound. As it goes on, the disc proves to be worthwhile indeed: if "Nadir" is more of a Doom song, "For The Heartless" goes back to the initial Melodic Death, reshaping it intriguingly good. Both In Flames and Dark Tranquillity must be additionally taken in count as we try to describe the sound and the mood proposed by this Finnish band from Kotka, but even more than them, other bands match better with Marianas Rest's style, names like October Tide, Draconian, Wolfheart and even — why not — Trees Of Eternity.

The tracklist, made up of eight enough heterogeneous songs for an overall duration of almost fifty-three minutes, assures us of the consistency of the well used potential of Marianas Rest. The whole disc is coherent from the first moment to the last, as the band manages to perfectly control its great creativity which results in a continuous, homogeneous atmosphere covering the whole album yet shaped differently from song to song. A definitely characteristic element of this work is indeed the addition of various vocal recordings of someone speaking inserted here and there all over the disc which make the album sound overall as a whole, unique, uniform thematic narration.

Marianas Rest is still a quite young reality and they can obviously grow up in the future, but their official debut with "Horror Vacui" makes them definitely worthwhile of attentions — I'll keep an eye on them. Finland's always been a great hotbed for new bands: if you're into those sounds that are so characteristic of such a musical panorama, you're going to appreciate these guys really much!