MESARTHIM – The Great Filter / Type III

MESARTHIM – The Great Filter / Type III

Band: Mesarthim
Title: The Great Filter / Type III
Year: 2017
Country: Australia
Label: Avantgarde Music

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Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. The Great Filter
  2. Type III

Fourth album with Mesarthim's name on the cover for Avantgarde Music over one year and a half, and now it's getting difficult to write about it, to say something new. You can face this issue in two different ways: the first way is the absolute musical one, the second one has to be seen related to the abundance of material released over such a short period of time.

The first matter is soon resolved: the album contains two different single-track EPs that came out on Bandcamp at the end of 2016, conceptually drawing inspiration from what they started in "Absence", namely the research for other sentient and advanced civilizations in the universe. The titles of the EPs come from there: «The Great Filter», the theory saying that alien civilizations' development is blocked at the base by some obstacle, and «Type III», referring to the Kardašëv scale Type III civilizations, based on the technological advancement in respect to the potential energy available in the universe. Mesarthim have a lot of interesting ideas, especially with "The Great Filter" they propose a simply spectacular song, twenty-one minutes of spacey, fresh, charming black metal with a great personality, no doubt this is awesome. Instead "Type III" doesn't make us welcome it as a miracle as much as the previous track, but with its airy melodic openings and vaguely more dance oriented, it gives more the idea of a track that talks about something human, with a grandeur, a well-conveyed epicness inside, letting us see how much the Australian duo listened to Summoning (it's not a secret: they were on "In Mordor Where The Shadows Are", the latest tribute to the Austrian band released last winter). So, the music is great, full stop.

The second issue instead is a bit more difficult: it's ok to sell through Bandcamp, but how many people on the period of time of one year and a half are so persistent to buy four albums of the same band, especially when each one of them is bound to one another though they are presented separately? "Absence" starts an idea that is developed in "The Great Filter", and then in "Type III", and — in the moment I'm writing this review — is closed with "Presence", the third EP that reconnects to an album that came out ten months ago. Wouldn't it make more sense to publish them all together? It's not that there was all this hurry to spread so much new material, as the EP before "Absence" was out… two months before. I know, three albums and an EP at once would have meant a really long release, but if Midnight Odyssey do it, if Esoteric do it, if a bunch of other bands do it and get repaid with the right success, why does it have to be different for Mesarthim? Looking from the outside without ever having spoken to the band, the image is that of a label behind it that tries to get together the different releases, pressing two EPs in a single solution, while the artists try to break the releases in different parts as much as they can. Meh.

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