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MOON RELAY – Moon Relay

Band: Moon Relay
Title: Moon Relay
Year: 2014
Country: Norway
Label: Fysisk Format

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  1. """"S
  2. ////////L
  3. ////_
  4. `´`´`´`´`´/
  5. ::……-_-_//#1
  6. ^==X´´
  7. '''''´´´“““`2
  8. –>–>
  9. ,,,,,,v,,,,,,

Instrumental rock is an odd style, at times it ends up boring the listener after a few minutes, or it can capture their interest for a whole album. Without the "human" element that is voice, the risk of creating some distance with the audience is in fact always behind the corner. In addition, when the album doesn't even feature actual titles — at least in "pronounceable" terms — things get complicated.

Moon Relay is a Norwegian quartet whose style — unlike most other bands from there that get featured on our website — doesn't have any relationship whatsoever with metal. After many live shows, especially for their domestic audience, March 2014 saw their official debut album released through the Oslo based label Fysisk Format.

We can notice straight away the influence of experimental rock music from the '70s (Neu! to name one band), the idea of a band that puts a high value on improvisation, although never to the point of ignoring the composition of the solid structures and patterns that surround it. The (non) titles of the tracks don't really help in locating particular moments over this album, that has clearly been thought as something to be experienced as a whole, like a continuous performance. There are also a few electronic effects here and there that contribute at enriching the atmosphere, and also add something more to this highly enjoyable work.

If you are art-rock fans (one of the most complicated definitions ever) or just of non-post instrumental rock (something quite rare nowadays), you should definitely give Moon Relay a chance. They could capture your interest also if you are looking for something new and not related to metal coming from Norway.