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MOONKULT / SOLUS – Transmissions

Band: Moonkult / Solus
Title: Transmissions
Year: 2014
Country: Finland / Hungary
Label: Satanath Records / Metallic Media / Black Plague Records

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  1. Moonkult – Dark Enslaver Of Prophets
  2. Moonkult – Descending As Storm
  3. Moonkult – Visions From Ritual Blood
  4. Solus – Shadows Of The Silver Moon
  5. Solus – Cursed Illusions
  6. Solus – Aural Destruction
  7. Solus – Journey Through The Spheres Of Eternity

We have already met Solus earlier this year with his eponymous debut album but, as we had already seen then, he wasn't exactly a rookie in music; we will here have the chance to further explore the previous works of the musician known as D.

This split with the Finnish band Moonkult is almost structured as a proper album, both in terms of length and overall feeling. Released in December 2014, "Transmissions" conveys the idea of an ethereal communication between its two poles, an ideal bridge between Finland and Hungary almost following their linguistic and historical connection. A shaman wearing a deer's skull takes the center of the stage in the artwork, completely realized with in black and white and clear lines: these transmissions are mainly to be interpreted as ways to communicate with another plane of reality.

We get started with the three aggressive tracks by the Finnish project (taking up about twenty minutes), fiercely striking upon the unaware prophets of good with warmongering black metal. It is also interesting to hear Niflungr on bass (already a member of Wyrd and Azaghal, among others), adding some depth and evil to the work of multi-instrumentalist Moonlord Akhkharu (vocals, guitars, and pretty much everything else). "Visions From Ritual Blood" seals the triptych of destruction, giving away omens of the pain to come in Moonkult's future, that have only recently started performing live.

The following thirty minutes are taken by the Hungarian composer's four tracks, changing the atmosphere straight away with the introduction of "Shadows Of The Silver Moon. This is a slightly less mature approach, compared to what we can hear on his following album, although we can already spot some of the main features through this work (curiously, all the songs are in English in this case). D had already given away a few hints of his will to widen the scope of his journey through black metal, ranging from meditation to destruction.

"Transmissions" is a carefully crafted introduction to the bands, that can also be taken on its own as an album. Satanath Records, together with Metallic Media and Black Plague Records, here introduced two different ways of interpreting black metal, that have then evolved in interesting ways through 2015. Recommended to those who want to know more about these two emerging names, and to fans of underground evil stuff.