MOTHER MISERY – Megalodon | Aristocrazia Webzine


Band: Mother Misery
Title: Megalodon
Year: 2018
Country: Sweden
Label: Transubstans Records

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Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. The Challenger
  2. Ashes Of Your Crown
  3. Megalodon
  4. Stained
  5. Eyes Of The Innocent
  6. Into These Lies
  7. 100 Eyes
  8. Stonecold Killer
  9. Down In The Dirt
  10. If You Fall

Mother Misery are back with their third album "Megalodon" and the band composed of John Hermansen (guitar and vocals), Thomas Piehl (guitar), Jimmy Lindbergh (drums) and Stiff Hell (bass) did not fail to meet our expectations.

The quartet gives us a performance with a really catchy mix between hard rock and alternative metal, within which it is possible to find a pleasant guitarwork, supported by a rhythmic section as robust and dynamic as necessary, giving to the bass the space it deserves ("Down In The Dirt"). Even the performance by Hermansen at the microphone is effective, as it was in the previous works.

The weapons with which the Swedes fight their battles are simple and clearly identifiable: no need to waste any time describing them, since as soon as "Megalodon" starts, you'll identify them one after the other, demonstrating the skills of the band. The line-up has a captivating look both in the most entertaining and decisive tracks ("The Challenger", "Ashes Of Your Crown", "Stained", "Into These Lies" and "Stonecold Killer") and in the atmospheric ones ("100 Eyes" "and" If You Fall ").

If we wanted to find a difference compared to the past, we could safely say that "Megalodon" receives a greater push from the metal part of the sound, but not invalidating the ability of the band to give life to tracks that are good for the radio and even able to catch the attention of more listeners. In short, the new Mother Misery album will guarantee us some more good moments.