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MY BABY – Prehistoric Rhythm

Band: My Baby
Title: Prehistoric Rhythm
Year: 2017
Country: Netherlands
Label: Glitterhouse Records

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  1. Electrified
  2. Same Wave
  3. Love Dance
  4. Cosmic Radio
  5. Ancient Tribe
  6. Moon Shower
  7. Make A Hundred
  8. Luminate
  9. Haunt Me
  10. Sunflower Sutra
  11. Sunroof Diesel Blues
  12. Straight No Chaser
  13. Haunt Me (Slight Return)
RUNNING TIME: 01:04:04

My Baby have been a surprise in every respect: first of all because they made their way in my list of albums to be reviewed apparently with no reason; in addition, after reading their info, I did not know what to expect from them; finally, after the first listening, I had to start the second one immediately to understand what it was.

"Prehistoric Rhythm" is not an album you would expect to find on Aristocrazia, but good music is always welcome on our website. The musical trip we took this time has its destination in a shamanic disco club, or maybe a Disco-EDM ritual; in other words, the album is based on a comparison between tribal rites and modern rave parties, which have in common the mass of people gathering to celebrate on dance-inducing rhythms. A very remote past — prehistoric, indeed — and present unite once again to create a hypnotic and danceable music featuring elements of various genres and ages; just think that they used a four-track Ampex deck straight from the Fifties to record the songs, aiming to untie the work from modern days and to convey the idea of travelling through many different eras.

My Baby reinforce the time-travel concept drawing from a wide range of styles alternating and mixing with each other in these thirteen tracks; it sounds like a melting pot where Soul — primarly in the black voice of Cato Van Dijck — meets Dance-like rhythms provided by Cato's deep bass and her brother Sheik's drums, while the ever-changing guitar of Daniel "daFreez" Johnston dyes itself of Psychedelic Rock, Funk, Blues and many other genres. So many elements, often deriving from styles which have been at their peak a lot of years ago, complemented by an electronic and often more modern touch.

The shamanic club atmosphere gets real through the union of psychedelic sounds and effects with enthralling beats of songs such as "Electrified", "Ancient Tribe" and "Sunflower Sutra", while other ones like "Same Wave" and "Moon Shower" slow down to offer more relaxing moments. There is some room for atmospheric passages in the two parts of "Haunt Me" and also light-hearted ones in "Sunroof Diesel Blues". The tracklist gets even more diverse thanks to the violin appearing especially in "Love Dance" and "Cosmic Radio", the banjo of "Electrified" or the tribal percussions opening "Luminate" and "Ancient Tribe"; the electronic presence shows itself through various styles, starting from House and even getting near Dubstep territories in — once again — "Ancient Tribe". And to top it all off, we also find references to other genres here and there, like R&B and Dub.

While containing sounds which we are not used to, the catchiness and the peculiarity of My Baby's music are two good reasons that will make you appreciate "Prehistoric Rhythm"; especially if you can enjoy an album which is essentially Pop without the common issues of modern commercial music, drawing from the past instead. Let's forget blast beats and inhuman screams for a while, and enjoy the shamanic dances offered by this Dutch trio.