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Band: Nekrokrist SS / Infamous
Title: Split
Year: 2016
Country: Finland / Italy
Label: Obscure Abhorrence / Hammerbund

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Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. Nekrokrist SS – Lähtölaukaus
  2. Nekrokrist SS – Antakaa Jo Kuolla
  3. Nekrokrist SS – The Circle
  4. Nekrokrist SS – Herrani Viha
  5. Infamous – Decadenza I
  6. Infamous – Decadenza II
  7. Infamous – Among These Cold Walls

Infamous seems to have become familiar with the production of high quality splits. The releases shared with Apathia ("Celebrating The Fall Of Humanity") and Solitvdo with Warnungstraum ("Il Rifugio Del Silenzio") were real gems of last year's underground black metal. This new 2016 work with the Finnish band Nekrokrist SS, released by the collaboration of both Obscure Abhorrence Production and Hammerbund, is another critical hit.

Nekrokrist SS is a Finnish four-piece born in 2000 (with two albums and a lot of split published, among these with Nattfog and Förgjord) which doesn't surprise. Their style follows the national tradition, so the band plays «raw black metal» with a strong inclination to visceral melodies and a certain cockiness. The rhythm used are never exaggerrated, but A. Panzerfaust guarantees dynamics and an interesting work on cymbals, with the help of an noticeable bass guitar, while H. Nekrokrist's screaming vomits on the microphone rough and graceless. Everything sounds classic to the extreme and reaches its apex with "Herrani Viha": this is the track that wins the award as my favorite songs of the four proposed (every track is from 2011), thanks to its exhilarating and beating pace. Instead "Lähtölaukaus" represents the pround and noble counterpart.

Now for my fifth time I meet Infamous, I know perfectly what to expect from S.A.: a muffled black metal from where powerful and dramatic melodies flow, and (with more effort) a transcendental scream, only after crossing a wall of distorted and confused sounds. This fight where the ears of the listeners are tested, to get the most interesting parts of the compositions, translates in music the philosophical battle against (physical, spiritual and moral) decadence of the modern civilization by the narrating voice. All is very palpable by the notes through dense and torrid notes issued by the three songs that close the tracklist, starting from "Decadenza I", recorded between April and July 2014.

The pairing of Nekrokrist SS and Infamous proves to be successful, because both bands — each one in its on way — raise the stylistic orthodoxy to pure art, that doesn't need mediations from the more faithful acolytes to be grasped. I am one of them. And you?