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NOUMENA – Myrrys

Band: Noumena
Title: Myrrys
Year: 2017
Country: Finland
Label: Haunted Zoo Productions

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Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. Kohtu
  2. Metsän Viha
  3. Kirouksen Kantaja
  4. Sanat Pimeydestä
  5. Sanansaattaja
  6. Roihu
  7. Murhehuone
  8. Pedon Veri
  9. Syvällä Vedessä

You can consider Noumena as veterans of the metal scene. Next year, the Finnish band will be two decades old, while in 2017 it crossed the finish line of the sixth release with "Myrrys", and to be honest they might have obtained way less than what they deserve.

The poor consideration of this band is perhaps partly linked to the fact that they, through the years, have failed to shake off the weight of a way of thinking the compositions and musical style often failing into the trap of explicit citationism. So we ended up talking about a long list of names, among them In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Amorphis, Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum.

In this latest work the band tried for the first time to sing every track using their mother language only, an expedient that seems to have been used to better express the content of the cultural and natural issues linked to their national roots.

I immediately want to anticipate one thing: there's nothing wrong in "Myrris". All the solutions used are realized and exposed quite well, from the melodic guitar riffs to Antti Haapanen's growl and the female singing by Suvi Uura, passing through the doom sensations or the more open, intimate and folkloristic passages that increase the atmospheric vibe of their style.

I find it difficult to think that a fan of the aforementioned bands won't feel an instinctive pleasure in approaching tracks like "Metsän Ever", "Kirouksen Kantaja", "Sanansaattaja", "Roihu" or "Syvällä Vedessä" (following the path of the introductory "Kohtu"). At the same time, it seems inevitable that part of the attention is dispersed, due to the lack of a major idea and those two or three tracks that can further elevate the overall value of the album. "Myrrys" in short, possesses yet another tracklist that is more than enough qualitatively, but unable to break through the cursed wall of the already heard.

In reality we are faced with a work where everything is formally in order, in which production, entrusted to the expert hands of Mr. Dan Swanö and obviously held at the Unisound Studios, is perfectly married with the vision of the melodic death metal envisioned by Noumena, which with extreme simplicity should be able to move the soul of any avid listeners of the genre. However, the question remains whether or not this can be enough to add "Myrrys" to the list of discs to listen to and buy; but you know what the only solution is…