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OBLITERATED – Fragments Of Infinity

Band: Obliterated
Title: Fragments Of Infinity
Year: 2016
Country: Italy
Label: Self-Released

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  1. Creator Of Void
  2. Ouroboros
  3. The Shores Of Chaos
  4. Wings Of Macrocosm

Hailing from Pesaro, Obliterated are one of the emerging acts in the Italian thrash metal scene. The founder Stefano Viola (guitars and vocals, and also an ex-member of Insulter), after the almost single-handed work on the 2013 EP "The Dreadful Meaning Of Being", has found new partners in Adam Chahed (drums) and Diego Sbriscia (bass). The EP "Fragments Of Infinity" was finally released in May 2016, proceeding with more self-awareness on the way paved by the debut album.

The main visual influences come from the quasi-outer spacey imagery of Meshuggah, fortunately not translating into under-developed ultra-technical stuff in their music, managing instead to leave enough room to all the parts that make up the style of this trio from the Marche region. I can't really say I have welcomed an eleven-minute opener for a thrash metal record with arms wide open ("Creator Of Void"), but Viola and his comrades have balanced the different elements quite cleverly for a satisfactory final result, that didn't destroy me as I had feared. Apart from the evident progressive metal vein that runs throughout the entire work, we can also perceive some death metal echoes (of the more technical variety) in "Ouroboros". The final two tracks are a bit closer to canonical thrash metal, both in terms of structure and length, angry and meditative at the same time.

At the core of Obliterated's philosophy, we can find the search for the most unfathomable reaches of human conscience and knowledge, here compared to the immensity of outer space. The journey of the mind here portrayed concludes with a final reconciliation of the soul with the universe, resulting in the subversion of the "established order" at the end of "Wings Of Macrocosm".

As a non-fan of thrash metal, I can say that the thirty minutes composing "Fragments Of Infinity" are enjoyable and represent a convincing step foward from the debut. If what has been said above corresponds to your musical interests, you might have just found an interesting new name to follow around Italy.