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OWLER – Waves

Band: Owler
Title: Waves
Year: 2015
Country: Finland
Label: Self-Released

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  1. Throes
  2. Distance
  3. Sun
  4. Reckoning

The preliminary information I had about "Waves", debut EP by Finnish band Owler, pictured them as dedicated to post/rock/metal. I initially thought of a typo mistake and therefore believed these promising young lads hailing from Oulu only played several shades of post-; after listening to "Waves", however, I realized I was only a quarter right.

The EP starts with "Throes", where all the instruments appear one after one actually resulting in post metal: clean voice, sounds merged with melancholic happiness, not too much distortion. An easy-listening and not too long song, pleasant to ears and even a bit surprinsing for me, as I was personally expecting even sadder and darker riffs.

As we shift to the second track, we can't help but say "Oh, that's it", for from this moment on post- disappears and gets lost into melodic doom and its slower and heavier sounds: here compatriots' Ghost Brigade and "Across The Dark" Insomnium influence emerges unequivocally; here the clean factor runs after and bumps into completely different patterns. "Sun" is exactly as its title suggested me, a sort of sad and desperate anthem to that star that shines for such a short time in those lands during winter, as Oulu is in Northern Finland and up there the pain of being in darkness is stronger than in the South. We still can enjoy remarkable clean breaks without drums. Track number four "Reckoning" ends the dance.

Finnishness is strong with "Waves" through those atmospheres that have by now become a trademark of cold Nordic countries. The warm and soft welcome in the first song only lies there, letting doom guide us to the end of the EP, skipping freely from melody to growl and from distorsion to clean. Twenty-five minutes later I'm here sitting at my desk, aware time might be relative but in this case twenty-five minutes are not enough. Probably I'll have to wait before a full-length is released, but who knows, maybe sooner or later I'll also have the chance to meet Owler somewhere around here. Southern Finland, that is.