The dawning of Romanian melodic doom metal: Paragon Collapse


Band: Paragon Collapse
Title: The Dawning
Year: 2018
Country: Romania
Label: Loud Rage Music
Contacts: Facebook  Soundcloud  Youtube

  1. The Endless Dream
  2. The Stream
  3. A Whisper Of Destiny
  4. Nirvana
  5. Climbing The Abyss
  6. A Winter Life
  7. Deliverance

Doom isn’t exactly the first genre that comes to mind when we think about metal in Romania, as we are so used to hearing about the wide scene related to black and folk metal especially centered around Negură Bunget. And yet, over the last few years, something has been moving in other fields as well, thanks to the work of tireless local actors such as Loud Rage Music (founded in 2013), which for example had published the intriguing funeral doomsters Descend Into Despair.

With Paragon Collapse, though, we move towards another sector of the doom metal mountain, the melodic one. The band from Iași was initially founded in 2011 and, after several lineup changes and some hurdles, reached the current five-member setup between 2016 and 2017. Consequently, also their debut The Dawning had quite a long and complicated history, finally being released in early 2018. While most of the music was composed by guitarist Alexandru Lefter, curiously all the lyrics were written by two people that aren’t officially part of the band (Cristian Madan for the first six tracks and Ana Cemertan for the last one).

One of the main features surely is the notable work by vocalist/violinist Veronica Lefter, perfectly connecting to the atmosphere of sickness put together by the guitars and the rhythm section. Apart from the usual big names of melodic doom metal, Paragon Collapse at times also reminded me of pre-Songs Of The Lost Ashes You Leave, for example in “A Winter Life”. The seven songs tread between elegant guitar patterns (great introductions to “The Endless Dream” and “Deliverance”) and some rare accelerations (such as in the instrumental “A Whisper Of Destiny”).

Don’t let the not-so-captivating cover artwork fool you, as by listening to The Dawning you will realize that Paragon Collapse is a young project with quite a few good arrows in their quiver, and good chances to make it (for example, they are currently working for attaining a slot at Wacken 2018). A pretty good find by Loud Rage Music, which we hope will manage to perform even better and take some new Romanian dark music around the world.